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What scared junta ?

What scared junta ?

It seems like a hundred times already he's negotiated everything about the events in the Ukraine, already and there should not be any ambiguity, but today, during a conversation with a colleague, a simple question has shown that not all has been said and there are questions that have not yet been considered or will explain . The question posed at a different angle, explains that until now Kiev has tried to hide from us.

We remember that the republic DNI and LC (hereinafter simply the "Republic"), discourages "the whole world" from having to hold elections. In addition, and in connection with these same elections was agreed credible by Russia, and because Merkel is trying to put pressure on Putin to stop the republics and demanded them not to hold elections. In this case, all it was stated that the elections would still be recognized by the West as illegitimate. Back in a previous article, one was led to certain suspicious thoughts, well, if the elections are illegitimate, then the gift of time to spend and advise against holding elections? And even after these "illegitimate" elections were held, which again put pressure on Russia for their recognition?

What is this whole issue really about asked a colleague of mine at lunchtime. That is  it literally, but how it is so he quite innocently asked: So you think that the whole world just decided against the elections in the Donbass? The conversation was in English, and the source was completely without emotion.

Now, if one could not contain their emotions, then perhaps they might have whacked him on the head with something like a rolling pin, if was at hand. Well here's how you can ask about the election bezemotsionalno in Donbass? (!). There, people have been waiting for this moment, so enthusiastically hurried to these elections, which were on the seventh heaven, laughed and cried, in a word in the East of Ukraine was the feast of emotions, and then at the other end of the globe, two gentlemen in some restaurant lead a leisurely conversation, and one of them really want to whack on the head of another, in order to awaken in him the proper subject of conversation emotions.

Nevertheless, the conversation went on and surprised me more. So it turned out that all organizations which are so strongly opposed the elections in the republic were doing it on purpose. According to the version of my companion, I must say a very experienced man, and even the experienced, the sole purpose of all this choir voices, was kept from the vote, because after the vote, the situation changes dramatically.
Now the world is forced to reckon with the republics, and here's why. According my friend the elections actually change the status of the territory. Incidentally, the problems with total or partial non-recognition today experiencing about 40 countries, such as Armenia, which is not recognized by Pakistan because of the war with Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh issue. Just ask questions about the recognition of the Turkish Cyprus, Kosovo, and see. So after the referendum and the elections, the republic has all attiributy state and this is enough to recognize the DNI and LC individual states.

Lunch ended our conversation quickly but deeply embedded in my brain. Hardly doterpit until the end of the day, I phoned one of the consultants, Professor of International Law, Professor of one of New York University. I was able to chat with a swoop to wrest from him a promise to give me 15 minutes. We met up with him. He listened to my question and said matter-of-factly. That the right to self-determination of the republic of course also have to be considered, if necessary atrributy state they are present, but then begins a gray area. International law does not prescribe the mechanism of recognition or non-recognition. There is only one argument, which is referred to generally in this policy issue. Can I this people to support their government and including the force of arms to defend their independence, it is the highest imperative and neubivaemy argument when considering the recognition of independence.

I naively asked, ".. and that there are republics have stated that independence, and then were not able to defend her or Nedoboy full recognition?". That's exactly when my little list sobesedny and laid close to the 40 units of the countries having problems with recognition at some level. That's about it and said my companion.Then I "narrowed and deepened," and asked why all so did not want an election? The answer was stunning.Because once declared independence, the country already enjoys the rights of an independent state. So basically now Poroshenko bombing separate neighboring state and its right to this land and this people, as citizens of Ukraine ends just after the referendum and elections. 

Great support here is the recognition of someone DNI and LC. That Russia actually did. Now Poroshenko, and not Russia, is guilty of arggession against a neighboring and independent state. So the answer is to keep him for the murder of civilians. Get to Poroshenko sentence for this barbarism however, while it is impossible, if the plaintiff is one of the republics, but you can apply to the Court and to demand from Ukraine and Poroshenko satisfaction. By the way speaking of is an example of recognized Palestine, and not more recognized, including the Ukraine on the same there is a statement about the independence of the Ruthenians, but so far to say that there is someone can defend this independence and maintain, is not necessary. 

Returning to the claims of members of the families of pogibschih citizens in the European Court, that these actions have to be and then Poroshenko have not sweet.This should be done not because of money but because of the punishment of the guilty. What Poroshenko in response to demands have not yet been granted rights of Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine who speak their native language, there is evidence allows us to prove the presence of this war signs of genocide. If the claims are tens of thousands, then Ukraine will begin their play, and ultimately lose the courts and war.

Because the recognition of the illegality of the bombing, and even prohibited types of weapons is a criminal offense. The more properly documented claims, the greater will be the faith of the claimant. Claims must be submitted now. And payments will be the victims of the Ukrainian state. Admission of guilt in one or more claims is the basis for filing a lawsuit next. Ukraine will have to pay the money and are very large, ruined a lot of people.Russia should help in this case correctly documented violations and beat on Poroshenko not of guns and tanks, and correctly use the legal right. 

It seems, though not lethal weapons, but very sensitive, however. In addition, the government won the case and puts the president of Ukraine outlawed, but to defend themselves against aggression Ukrainian, now you can by all means available. Russia actively learns to live within the law, well, and to use it as widely as possible. Russia today is not what it was before, after the collapse of the USSR.Someone thinks that Russia today is much less severe, but it is not so. Soviet Russia was much larger, it is true, but the economy is much more effective in today's Russia, precisely because Russia is now no freeloaders in such amount as it was with the USSR. In this case, the author has in mind, and Ukraine, which together with the teeth Putin rips money for gas delivered, but were also more and CMEA countries, zahrebetnik like Poland and Romania.

Incidentally selling skin Walesa and concurrently head of Solidarity in the past suddenly announced that Poland, along with the US is not afraid of Russia, which fell behind by 30 years, and at best can not beat Poland, but say bruise. Of course, none of Poland and Mara would not, but why would it "Ostap suffered"? All the matter of course in the last holidays in Russia. November 4 - National Unity Day. Historically, this coincides with the expulsion of the Poles from Russia.
Russian then drove kicking and butting Poles from Russia. Had to do it now, the Poles would have to run as Georgians. 4 November 1612. Warriors militia led by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky stormed China Town, where there was a garrison of the Commonwealth. Since Russia became independent and unified, rejecting not only the nobility, but also to claims of papal union. Which has always been nechuzhda desire to shed the blood of man as Voditsa. This is exactly what we see today in the Ukraine and who knows, maybe the current leaders of the independent Donbass become the equal of Minin and Pozharsky. And the fact that now the date of independence of Ukraine will be as a holiday there in Russia, and no doubt.


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