Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tomorrow DNI and LC elections should take place. "Democracy"

Tomorrow DNI and LC elections should take place. "Democracy" 

Nov. 1 - 2014
Kouevi really do not like the Democrats in the Donetsk and Lugansk. So much so that they have pre-announced the elections invalid and undemocratic. Russia - on the contrary, advances, and also advance and recognized the elections and their results consistent with the fact that they are the crown of democracy.

There is a contradiction which could be allowed through the resumption of hostilities. Flaccid or decisive - no one knows, but there is a temptation. Head Intelligence DNI "Dull" to estimate the probability hostilities began strictly under the election - that is, tomorrow - 70%. From these figures - is unclear, but it is obviously visible on the site.

Today it was reported that the militia Gorlovka discourage tank attack. At the onset it was not very similar, but here on a reconnaissance in force - completely. Given that the previous command Gorlovka completely changed, and, it seems, finally, such actions could be designed to verify the stability and militia under the new commander.

Fighting continues in debaltsevskom "bag" where APU hard pull together all the new forces.

The main thing - the weather in the area of fighting increasingly moves to "winter time". At night, steady your negative temperature slightly crawling back to zero for the day. Conditions for the troops stationed in the field - hell. Wind, humidity, wet clothes, plus the lack of across-winter uniforms and stationary items and heating supply. Keep people in such conditions is extremely difficult, and even control their actions - and even more so. Everything goes to the fact that you need to make a decision - to advance or withdraw. Already so you can fully agree with frowns - the situation is close to climax.

At the political level Banderostan decided almost all current tasks - held elections, signed the agreement on gas. Now Russia is extremely difficult in the event of renewed hostilities replay situation. Gas will be served immediately after the payment. And the junta once again enrolled in shulerskih: Friday Yatsenuk ordered to start paying for the second half of the day, when to execute it was impossible - banking day ended. Then - the weekend, and in Russia, and still holidays until November 5. So the money until November 5 can never get to the Russian account, but formally there is willingness to pay and disposal - too. The magic word "money" can make at least until November 5 a close eye on everything that happens in the Donbas.

In other words, the likelihood of the outbreak of hostilities is rather high. Their scope is unclear - it is quite possible that the junta has set the goal to simply disrupt the elections. Massive bombardment of Donetsk, Lugansk, Gorlovki and surrounding towns will make a vote is physically impossible that, in fact, requires the junta. For this step is not required, even though the individual tactical operations are quite possible - suddenly the defense on any site collapse, and then we can start already in a serious way.

In general, the next day and a half will be extremely tight. Can and should expect a variety of dirty tricks from our "partners". They have already recovered from the defeat of the summer, and now comes the time response of gratitude.

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