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The truce is over: the victims were students Donetsk school
Did not finish the elections to the parliament, as the truce was immediately broken and Donetsk again began firing. The first victims of the renewed by order of the US war were children. On Wednesday in Donetsk stadium near school near the airport hit by a shell, among the killed and wounded - Students play soccer on the site
"At the stadium near the 63th school in Donetsk (near the airport), hit by a shell. At this time, the stadium had kids. A lot. Now the kids will wear to school and waiting for an ambulance. According to the information from our man - have died: and the children and adults "- written by volunteers. It is known that killed three schoolchildren injured - more than 10. All the wounded were brought in Donetsk regional trauma. They are now in intensive care. One severe, three moderate severity.
Fatalities eighth graders orphan Danil Kuznetsov was only 14 years old. Before his death, he wrote, "All will be well, because bad is tired." This tragedy might not have paid attention to, if not an explosion blew the school Rinat Akhmetov. Himself oligarch made faceless statement from the series "Stop killing people," anyone not specifically addressed.
Supreme Commander Poroshenko kept silent. Prime Yatsenuk made this day an application for a "new order" of financing Donbass Foreign Klimkin urged the OSCE to investigate the shooting of children in the 63th school in Donetsk. None of the first persons of the state or the newly elected deputies expressed condolences, and even more so, not offered assistance to the victims. It's only warriors ATO Ukrainians constantly thrown off for food, clothing, medicines, and Donetsk children without such needs. Investigation into the death of schoolchildren with official Kiev also relieves himself and passed on to the international structures. Who "fired" by the school to find out will be long and tedious, and then forget. That is, as is with the Malaysian "Boeing" downed "unknown person" over the territory of Ukraine.
The resumption of hostilities in the Donbass were predictable. Firstly, on the second day after the election, President Poroshenko urged to abolish the law on the special status of certain territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk region, which automatically meant denunciation Minsk Agreement and the termination of the ceasefire.
Secondly, the victory party of war - "Popular Front" Yatsenyuk - which oversees the US Embassy, ​​commuting with the abandonment of diplomatic dialogue with the Donbas and the start of shooting. Including, in schools and sports playground. American owners do not accidentally brought Yatsenuk in parliamentary leader of the race and won his re premiership: namely Battle Bunny will ensure the continuation of the war and recharge in the future, as well as the "destruction" peacemaker Poroshenko.

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