Saturday, November 1, 2014

The EU Will Pay the Full Consequences of Their Reckless Policies.

The EU will pay the full consequences of their reckless policies.


After the recent Milan rendezvous, when Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly and unambiguously signaled ringleader junta Poroshenko that any concessions Banderostanu in the gas issue and will not be a single cubic meter of gas in the debt (ie, free) is from "Gazprom" will not get in the EU seems to have begun to realize what crap they blundered. But then there will be more!

It is quite obvious that the Ukrainian gas default puts the EU in a very vulnerable situation. The junta has reported that under these conditions, it can not guarantee the uninterrupted transit of gas to the West. Translated into Russian, it means being willing to steal intended for the European natural gas from the pipe as needed. A need for this is that Europe little after that perepadet. Moscow, in turn, is at the highest level has warned that by exactly the amount of gas to be stolen, it will reduce the volume of its pumping to the EU.

Thus, on the eve of winter, which promises to be very frosty, the European Union was in a position of non-commissioned officer's widow who flogged herself. At the same time submit any claims Russia is practically impossible. For all international standards Moscow is absolutely flawless, commercially reasonable position that even biased eurocommissioners can not be called politically motivated. Indeed - the base price of gas for Ukraine - $ 385 for the winter period agreed upon, the Russian leadership is how we can understand even ready to soften its stance on payment junta very impressive "historic" debt. The only condition to cancel quite impossible - prepayment. But this position and the West can not call into question - at five billion svidomye debts only for gas and preddefoltnom able maydanutoy economy nobody in the world would not trade with Banderostanom except in the "cash advance". Even the most loyal ally of the current authorities huntovsky - Poland - was very annoyed and even angered when a couple of weeks ago Pindos-Bandera junta on unassumingly offered to sell them to the Polish coal, which they pay for the promised sometime in the bright future.

Thus, Russia is extremely clear and transparent manner formulated its position and placed in front of Brussels rigid alternative - either with Banderostanom freeze near empty gas pipe, or to find means to refill the pipe. Moreover, where the Europeans will find these resources, taking into account the total insolvency of the junta, the decomposed remains of occupied Ukraine, becomes their only concern.

Desperate situation in Brussels seems beginning to realize. As we approach the peak winter temperatures duty European bravado about energy independence from Moscow, began increasingly palpable replaced most vulgar panic. After all, Europe - it's not even Banderostan, and thence unaccustomed to such infringement of the public can make ice batteries and nonworking gas stoves so far-reaching political conclusions that many European politicians now wake up in the night in a cold sweat.

Not by chance at the recent Lyusemburge meeting of foreign ministers of the EU countries in the first place is a question discussed Ukrainian gas debt to Russia. In particular, the Czech foreign minister Lubomir Zaoralek then stated that "the EU may consider giving Ukraine the additional funds that, in particular, can be used to cover the debt to" Gazprom ". However, any money should be granted only under the junta clear guarantees for reform, fight against corruption and all the other conditions of the EU. "

With regard to the requirements of the "reform and the fight against corruption", then this mandatory in such cases a meaningless ritual figure of speech is intended to at least partially, to brighten up a very nasty impression of the European public of the fact that the EU is elementary bred for money. And on pretty serious - called for the start of a figure of 2 billion euros. However, to part with their money does not hurry to Brussels. After the meeting in Luxembourg, it was announced that over the previously promised 790 million euros Kiev he will not get a dime from Europe.

However, doing something wrong. The junta in debt, as in silks. Huntovsky Foreign Minister Klimkin said that his country out of the crisis is not enough is not that two billion euros, but even thirty billion dollars. We can add that the total Ukrainian debt, tipped the scales for $ 150 billion, and voiced Klimkin 30 billion. Appear as a purely interim figure.

Thus, the European Union faced an unpleasant prospect for him "harness oneself" for Banderostan the full program and to pay its bills, as they say, to Morkovkina Zagovezni.

And thus, any claims to anybody but himself, and of course his partner in crime in Washington, Brussels can not produce. Because everything that happened with Ukraine over the last year - it is solely the work of the US and the EU. They swung out of the blue this fairly stable country after Viktor Yanukovych quite rightly refused to sign the agreement on enslaving European integration, which is now just as brakes and Poroshenko. They did everything to inflict the most natural in Kiev revolt and overthrow the legitimate government. It is they, rather, the three Foreign Ministers of the EU, the most cowardly way forced to sign an agreement with Yanukovych maydanutymi ukrofashistskimi terrorists and separatists, who are not even going to perform, and that the next day, with the tacit agreement of Brussels, became useless scrap of paper. And it is the West fully supported the possessed neo-Nazi pogrom junta in its internal politics and military attack on the south-east of their own country. The result of all this, the US and EU sanctioned recklessness has become an economic disaster in Ukraine, the collapse of entire sectors of the economy and, therefore, a complete financial collapse with progressive impoverishment of tens of millions of people. Today Banderostan totally incapacitated and is insolvent.

West in the face of the European Union begins to reap the rewards they also provoked Ukrainian collapse. And it seems only the beginning. Forty million people hungry Banderostana gradually brought huntovskimi proteges of the same West to a state of complete hopelessness, sit idly will not. And Europe will have more than once or twice to get into his own wallet to extinguish all the new portions of alms ripening in Banderostane powerful social explosion, which, if it occurs, may be the political equivalent of Chernobyl for the entire European Union.

And despite the fact that the financial and economic situation of the EU today, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. In particular, the Austrian newspaper «Die Presse» stated that evidence gloomy economic future of the European community is growing. In particular, the publication points out what is happening in the leading countries of Europe exchange collapse, the sharp decline in consumer demand and a new round of the debt crisis. Even the engine of the European economy, Germany, according to «Die Presse» completely exhausted.

Against this background, Ukrainian "black hole", the potential ability to suck everything else remaining European resources to ensure the EU minimum reserve buoyancy, it's just "what the doctor ordered." And we congratulate the European Commission in the person sent on a well deserved vacation Jose Manuel Barroso with such "outstanding" results of their intense activity, to correct that would be very difficult, if not impossible.

However, these are questions for the future. And now the European Union leaders have far more urgent topic: find than pay for Russian gas for Banderostana, and think about what to do with tens of millions of people in this country, The Thrill of It All, which is becoming no place to work, and may soon get bored - on an empty stomach - and gone crazy ride.

Yuri Selivanov

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