Thursday, November 6, 2014

Synopsis: fighting all along the line - reports from the #Novorossiya front

Synopsis: fighting all along the line, the enemy suffers losses, sun burnt armored ukrovermahta 
reported from the front of the volunteer Prokhorov.

Synopsis: fighting all along the line, the enemy suffers losses, sun burnt armored ukrovermahta
_____________________________________ reports from the front of the volunteer Prokhorov. 

"Today was hard in the morning, afternoon and hell inferno night. The fights are all along the line of contact - even ukrofashisty admit it (see. Card from ukrofashni). LC yesterday until after midnight ukrofashisty fired Kemerovo, otvetka them only at 7 am departed (yet arrived truck with shells). 

Ukrofashisty out of luck with morning fire at army positions near the town of LC, trying to stop the encirclement of the city. Now with Metalist them works Grad militia. By Bahmutke work continued throughout the day (up to 28 checkpoint - exactly) around the village. Bottom position ukrofashistov attacked and damaged the ferry across ukrofashistov Seversky Donets, ukrofashisty in response fired Zymohiria, Frunze, Kemerovo, Stakhanov.Now ukrofashistov served in Trehizbenke. 

Positions ukrofashistov already directly under Lysychansk (p. Ustinovka) covered Arta militia. DNR Under Debaltseve fighting was in Chernukhin, Sofievka Central and walked with lunch artdueli militia near the airport and in ukrofashistov with. The thin In Avdeyevka art militia successfully covered ukrofashistov boarding for DC (where greasy black smoke - obviously burns appliances). At this moment the battle moved directly into Avdiyivka. In the sand in covered battery ukrofashni lunch. Positions terrbata Sich covered in s. Water (about Donetsk). 

Now we are working on positions in ukrofashistov Marinka (there covered checkpoint ukrofashni on GAI) and Krasnogorovka. Ukrofashisty of Volnovakha Dokuchaevsk shell (assuming that the militia gang transferred to Donetsk) - 3 full Castle (2 fell into the field) - Nitsche, right now, get otvetku.
At lunch in the Red Sun Liman ukrovermahta natsgady fascists and partisans were searched in the surrounding forests - was gunfire and explosions. Informants from Kharkov reported moving quickly into the city every 5-10 minutes - carry wounded today ukrofashistov.

Blew auto deputy Yarosh (Right). Gorlivka connected - ukrofashistov served in Maori and Kurdyumovke. On the way to the 31-th checkpoint on a land mine blew BTR-80 80 nd Airborne Brigade - a makeweight in the burning of APCs and trucks on the checkpoint. "

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