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Summaries of Militia Novorossia Today at 20:13 11/02/14 Highlights from the 1st Brigade

Summaries of militia Novorossia

Today at 20:13

11/02/14 Highlights from the 1st Brigade of the Southeast for November 2.

During the past days in Novorossiya attention was focused not on the fronts of the situation, and to the election (of course, ukroSMI went crazy on the type of the queue of those wishing to vote, have been several versions, among which the most popular are two - the "terrorists" had driven all at sites gunpoint as the Muscovites in the Crimea, and came to vote, millions of dead Pskov paratroopers, Porechenkov and Putin personally).

Donetsk People's Republic

Donetsk - The evening began with a massive strike retaliatory artillery on the north-eastern outskirts of the city, which continued intense mortar fire m / p Putilovka (in t. H. Putilov bridge). 1 injured civilian.
Gorlivka - fighting continued with punitive, barricaded in n. n. Maori: first ukrovermaht militia fired on positions of heavy machine guns, artillery militia then struck back on positions natsgadov (also used tank guns, at least 4 times, mortars and small arms).
Marinka - destroyed DRG punitive battalion "Dnepr-1", armed with rocket-propelled grenades and small arms in the amount of 3 people (sent to Gorlovka).
Other localities DNI
Volnovakha district - the HRSG Elenovka also eliminated a group of provocateurs 3 punishers, going to spend a subversive and terrorist acts in n.p.Makeevka to disrupt elections (pass on civilian vehicles were armed with automatic weapons and grenades).
Novoazovs'k area - from the MLRS "Grad" militia blow to ukrerpayonu punitive near n.p.Vodyanoe and Pavlopol.
Telmanovskiy district - overnight militias committed "fire attack" (quoted posts NSDC) to positions in natsgadov n.p.Novolaspa (before this evening, punishers shelled militia positions under this settlement) and granite.
Mariupol - at the checkpoint natsgadov in m / d East in the morning there was an explosion (the reasons are different - according to some sources, it was an attack by militia artillery, dented from MLRS "Grad"; on the other - unspecified exploded a car bomb VU) - 1 punisher killed 2 injured. In addition, the militia fired on positions in punitive PGT Gnutovo. There are also reports that the militia came "to the outskirts of Mariupol" by moving the front line to the city itself, remaining without ukrovermahta (where he is, is not specified). There is also information (but not from the militia, I emphasize, and from citizen journalists) that a) ukrovermaht preparing to evacuate, thus undermines strategic facilities (railway station, industrial plants and reservoir); b) in the territory of the metallurgical plant "Ilyich" located MLRS "Grad" retaliatory artillery, leading not only to fire on positions of the militia, but also provocative fire on residential areas.

Lugansk People's Republic
Lugansk - again receives data about the imminent connecting power lines from Russia (Rostov-on-Don), conducted by Russian installers.
Novoaydarsky area - late yesterday ukrovermahta roadblocks near n.p.Bahmutovka were fired from small arms.
Popasnjansky district - in the morning twice militia attacked ukrovermahtu near n.p.Gorskoe of MLRS "Grad", and then fired in the area of ​​punitive n.p.Zolotoe and Chernukhin.
Slovianoserbsk Raion - remains tense situation in the area n.p.Krymskoe, there are fights; militias are firing on strengthening of punitive MLRS "Grad" rocket-propelled grenades and small arms (punishers claim at least about 5 firings per day).

Not glow subsides revelations totalitarian machinations of Mordor in a democratic Europe. After Sweden, lovivshey invisible submarine because of stuffing in social networks, woke Denmark. By the way, judging by the efficiency of the Danish intelligence in this country is clearly increased migration from the Baltic countries. So, the Danes reported (newspaper Jyllands-Posten, with reference to the Danish military intelligence), "in the middle of summer Russian warplanes had" simulated missile attack "near the Danish island of Bornholm. Fighter approached the island at low altitude, as if he was armed with missile weapons, but then turned around and flew back. "I think the whole rukopozhatnoy democratic public understood that sat at the helm of a fighter Putin personally (waved, so to speak, wings or something different, the nose of the astonished Danes). And in response to the accusation of Russia in the Russian pilots simulate attacks blamed Denmark in imitation intelligence.

On losses:
Civilians - 0/1
Punishers - 3/7
Thus, on election day, in which we frighten unreal offensive ukrovermahta, was relatively quiet (as in parts of provocation, and in terms of the combat situation). Separately want to mention Kiev madness about it (Poroshenko already accused zrade and work on Putin allegedly leaked Donbass), new threats to the US and EU to Russia (sanctions for recognition of the elections) and a significant number of international observers (including from Poland, Austria, the United States and the Baltics - fellows citizens!). 

A general election for the aptly expressed Natalia Poklonskaya - for the first time in the history of terrorists equipped with 300 polling stations, what a nightmare! Also reminded that today 6 months tragedy in Odessa - ukroSMI shamefully silent, talking about "the right sector," which will now operate as part of the police units in some areas of Kiev. It is obvious that the present ruins and New Russia - is not different that the state, and parallel realities. We learn, that will bring us tomorrow - at least, preliminary election results will be announced. We shall see.

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