Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Recruits Givi Battalion" Took the Oath of Allegiance to the DNR

Summaries of militia Novorossia

11.09.14. Messages and Photo Journals.

"Recruits Givi Battalion took the oath of allegiance to the DNR. 40 recruits of the first mechanized battalion of militia under the command of volunteer callsign Givi took the military oath of allegiance to the DNR.


This oath soldier, defender of his land, his people. The guys took her. The guys are all pretty, all waiting for this day. Let a little clumsy, the army is formed, but the morale of the guys raised, "- said the deputy battalion commander," Somalia "Sergei Argun.

The backbone of the battalion originates from the Slavic, when a group of militiamen fought under Yampil. There they won and held abroad at the National Guard under tank attack Ukraine.

After that, the battalion fought in Ilovaiskaya. Now it is one of the most combat-ready battalions of militia, which holds airport.
The decorated commander of the battalion, Givi, was one of the authors of "Ilovaisky boiler" - then with his company, he held the town 2 weeks of daily attempts to break out of the encirclement of Ukrainian troops. Givi, whose real name is Michael, grew up in Ilovaiskaya and worked in a local factory. "


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