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Obama: “US Upholds Core International Principles, You Don’t Invade Other Countries” WTF ????

Obama: “US Upholds Core International Principles, You Don’t Invade Other Countries” 
WTF ????
The Taleban offered to give up Osama Bin Laden if the US could produce any evidence against him that he had anything to do with 9/11. US didn’t and hasn’t got any evidence against OBL. Although there is plenty of evidence against Saudi Arabia’s government and Pakistan’s ISI among others. The redacted portion of the 9/11 report (28 pages) detailing Saudi government involvement in 9/11 is kept secret from the public. Two Congressmen publicly describe the contents as “shocking” and will totally change peoples perceptions of the 9/11 attack. The Congressmen are barred from revealing the contents publicly but table a bill to unredact the 28 pages which is still pending in Congress.
The Twenty Eight Pages

The invasion of Afghanistan followed the breakdown of negotiations between the US and the Taleban from circa 1998 to 2000 to build a pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Pakistan via Afghanistan. The pipeline project was urged on by Dick Cheney.

Iraq invasion 2003
This was conducted under the completely fabricated pretext that Saddam Hussein had useable WMD’s (among other lies) and was illegal and a war crime under international law.
The invasion of Iraq was pre publicized in 1997 in PNAC the Project for the New American Century – the Neocon agenda to redraw the map of the Middle East and for perpetual war.
6 countries were scheduled for regime change by force in PNAC. These were Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iran.
Mention is also made of Afghanistan and Sudan.
The 30 original signatories to PNAC include Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld and Jeb Bush.

Pakistan bombing with drones – 2006 to ?

Honduras 2009 – CIA backed right wing coup

Yemen drone and cluster bombing

Somalia drone bombing

Libya bombing 2011 and support of Islamic Extremists to overthrow Gaddafi.
This war was triggered by Gaddafi’s pursuit of selling oil in Gold Dinars instead of US Dollars and his previous announcement of this in 2006. This was gaining traction in the Gulf States and within Black Africa. This threatened the Petrodollar system so Gaddafi had to go.
The US recruited Islamic Extremists from Benghazi in order to pursue Gaddafi’s overthrow. John McCain visited Benghazi to recruit them in early 2011.

Syria 2012 on – arming and funding of Islamic Extremists whose stated purpose was to overthrow the existing legitimate government, which is illegal under international law and classified as a war crime. 
CIA covert ops to smuggle arms and Islamist fighters from Benghazi to Syria via Turkey. Tries to overtly escalate the war with a mass bombing campaign on the back of a false flag chemical weapon attack in Damascus 2013 arranged by Turkey via Islamic Extremists. This plot fails due to a large public outcry against it, but the war against Assad is subsequently started in 2014 by using a couple of staged ISIS beheading videos.
John McCain visited Aleppo in Syria in May 2013 to organize the Extremists. the CIA, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been funding, arming, recruiting and training Islamic Extremists for some time to overthrow Assad.

Mali 2012 – CIA (and French) backed military coup

Ukraine 2014 – US engineered Coup in Kiev to overthrow the legitimate (if corrupt) legitimate government. Recruitment of neo Nazi thugs to turn the Maidan protests violent. Installation of a combination of corrupt Oligarchs and Neo Nazis in power in Kiev.
 Terms of the IMF loan dictated that Kiev would start a civil war when regions in the East of Ukraine refused to be ruled by a bunch of corrupt Fascist thugs, installed by the US.
Both John McCain and Victoria Nuland visited Kiev in late 2013 to organize the Coup, meeting with”Yats”, Klitschko and the leader of the neo Nazi party Svoboda.

The storyboard of the recent events in Ukraine – videos, pictures and articles

2014 US starts bombing Syrian infrastructure in an attempt to weaken the Assad regime.

Hong Kong 2014 “pro democracy” agitators visit the US and meet leading politicians including Joe Biden. 
Pro democracy protests break out the leaders of which are being funded and supported by the US government via front organizations such as NED and IRI.

Brazil 2014. The CIA and State Department attempt to influence Brazil’s election in favor of a US Neocon Corporate puppet. 
The attempt fails and Dilma Rousseff is returned to office, even more determined to closely align Brazil with China and Russia in the Brics coalition. Plans are confirmed shortly after to lay a $185m cable between Brazil and Portugal in an attempt to prevent NSA Mass Surveillance on Brazil’s government, state owned corporations and citizens.

The above is only some of the most recent history. The articles below have a lot more on the rampage, Coups, conflicts, invasions, coercions and wars in half the countries of the world that has been the hallmark of US Foreign Policy for the last 60 years or so.

Study: U.S. regime has killed 20-30 million people since World War :

US Foreign Policy explained:

More on the Neocons

PNAC’s neocon agenda continues unabated under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Attention is turned towards Putin and Russia as a result of Putin foiling the Neocon plot to bomb Syria in 2013.

The US engineer a Coup in Ukraine in order to provoke conflict with Russia (see above).

Putin is demonized in the US and Western media in order to further progress the US and NATO war against Russia.China and Russia accelerate their plans to strengthen and enhance the BRICS economic coalition as a result of US aggression in Syria and Ukraine.
The BRICS coalition is intended to marginalize and eventually replace the US Dollar as Reserve Currency and the end of the Petrodollar System, which will mean the end of American hegemony.

China sent a message to Barack Obama that the whole world can understand – so it was censored by Western media:

The US and the EU are turning Ukraine into a failed State, exactly the same as Iraq, Libya and Syria have been turned into failed States.

The war against ISIS has been started under completely false pretexts – exactly the same as all the other wars the US has started since World War 2 (and even before).
The war against ISIS is intended to last 20 years plus, wasting trillions of dollars of US taxpayer money.

Both the FBI and CIA are against Obama’s proposals to tackle ISIS because they won’t work. They will only succeed in recruiting more Terrorists. Congress approved them anyway.

The US government, the Federal Reserve and the leaders of the EU are actively pursuing policies that are destroying their own economies and helping China and Russia to form a new world order centered on South East Asia in a coalition of the BRICS.

Geopolitics and the future over the next 20 to 50 years – The US, EU, China and Russia:

How Big Business and Big Government is Taking Over America and subjugating Americans

US government finances are already in an extremely precarious position.
By 2023, US Federal Spending will be $6tn and the deficit will be well over $3tn a year.
The US National Debt will be $40tn around 2025 – well over 200% of GDP.And things will only get worse.

The CBO continue to make ludicrous assumptions for GDP growth rates & future tax receipts

The leaders of Russia and China are fully aware of the extreme precariousness of US government finances, the US economy in general and US warmongering, which only serves to strengthen their resolve to defeat the US economically.

See this link again:-

China sent a message to Barack Obama that the whole world can understand – so it was censored by Western media:

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