Sunday, November 2, 2014

#Novorossiya Elections: What happens afterwards ? Much Will be Decided in the Following Days:

#Novorossiya Elections: What happens afterwards Will be Decided in the Following Days:


1. Moscow will likely recognize the elections in the DNI and LC. This will lead to a new round of escalation. What situation will return to the pre-conditions of Minsk. Recognizes or does not recognize? Still, this topic is open. I think that this time recognizes. If so, then we will move out of the impasse into which appeared in May. Half a year, thousands of lives and millions of refugees. Completely destroyed infrastructure prosperous regions of New Russia. What are these 6 months? And so much loss? But this is in the best case, finally admits.
2. Resume whether military action? The junta troops pulled to the line section. But ready and militias. All ready for a fight. And again with a determination will be a future fight, if it comes to the matter? What will the West? As will be deployed military action? Again open questions.

3. What will happen in Russia if recognition will take place and there will come a new round of escalation? The first stage of Russian Spring ended in May. Then nevvodily and barrator were right, and we, the party of Russian Enlightenment, no. It must be admitted. Six colonies was stronger than we thought, and traitors medium almost won. Now there's a chance to reload this balance. Only chance. Nothing more. But there is.

4. Fidelity ideals is to promote them in any situation - and with the wind and against. However, I believe that if the start and held great offensive power Fracture, everything must be all simple and advance together. Now - in a series of betrayals and defeats - all patriots quarreled among themselves. This is a natural consequence of marginalization. If everything freezes again or continue to sink, strife, without a doubt, only worsen, and there is nothing to be done - this is a sociological law and the laws of the small groups. If we go on the offensive, I propose to defer all internal quarrels and advance together. Who would like itself did not lead to an interval of half a bloody nightmare suffocating.

Thanks for Novorossia!
Thanks for Greater Russia!

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