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New Russia: the Day Before the Elections

New Russia: the day before the election


Day of Silence on the eve of the elections in the Donetsk and Lugansk region share a cannonade. Law enforcement agencies have received information about possible diversions from Kiev, given in high alert. Kiev promised to prosecute the organizers of the election. In Europe also reluctant to recognize their results, while in the DNI and LC came many observers there.
Furnishings and safety
On Sunday, November 2 elections will be held chapters Donetsk and Lugansk republics, as well as deputies of the local parliament.
On the eve of a vote in the zone of contact with the positions of the Ukrainian army did not stop firing. In particular, on the northern outskirts of Donetsk, in the vicinity of the airport, where for weeks the confrontation of security forces and militias on Saturday were heard artillery fire.
At the headquarters of the militia DNR reported that during the night between Friday and Saturday were reported seven cases of ceasefire violation by the Ukrainian side. According to the Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko truce in the Donbass virtually no effect, but the militia, as may be, continue to follow the reached agreements in early September.
Preparation of polling stations in the meantime continued in the normal mode, RIA "Novosti". They were imported furniture and curtains for the booths, ballot papers in some areas were glazing works buildings were damaged during the shelling.
People on the streets of Lugansk Saturday was little. Among those who came out of the house, you could see a lot of citizens, marching to the cellars of houses to draw water into the canister. In the capital, LC to water until hard, TASS correspondent from Lugansk. At the same time, without dropping canisters, some luganchane stayed close to the polls to re-examine the list of candidates for the elections.
The Interior Ministry DNR promised that on election day, the local police will be translated into a stronger version of service and ensure full security of the voting: "At each polling station will be on duty on two police officers. In addition, in the immediate vicinity of the sites will be carried out patrols of police squads "- noted there.
According to the representative of the department, will be set up mobile teams to respond quickly to the treatment of people on offenses.
Pending provocations
Law enforcement agencies and DNR LC received data about upcoming diversions from the Kiev authorities and taken steps to prevent them.
"Annoying messages Ukrainian Security Service of possible provocations in the elections to the DNI and LC talk about wanting to intimidate the people of Kiev. They hope to reduce voter turnout at the polls. Law enforcement agencies have the people's republics information about upcoming diversions Ukrainian security services and have already taken steps to prevent them. Safe choice guaranteed. The situation is under control, "- said the Ministry of State Security and the DNR LC.
Vice Prime Minister Andriy Purgin DNR also said that in Donetsk People's Republic awaiting a possible military intervention in Kiev to disrupt the elections, "Kiev wants to disrupt our elections, the legitimacy of power in the DNI. There is power scenario, which I will not speak, but they are, and we are ready for them, "- he said.
According to him, the night before going to a special staff who discussed this issue. Besides military intervention authorities DNI fix "media stuffing" and misinformation on the part of Kiev.
"Provocation before elections are uniquely" - said earlier newspaper VIEW DNR representative in Moscow, Andrei Rodkin.
He noted that "the word of provocation may well be a euphemism Kiev resumption of large-scale hostilities." According Rodkina concentrated in the Southeast grouping Ukrainian forces just waiting for the order to take the offensive.
By the way, that in the night of Friday the CEC website Lugansk People's Republic was hacked. However, it managed to cope.
Elections and Candidates
As candidates for the post of head of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of DNR registered three people: the current prime minister Alexander Zaharchenko, Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of New Russia Alexander Kofman and Special Forces veteran Yuri Sivokonenko.
For seats in parliament DNR will compete two social movements: "Donetsk Republic" headed Zaharchenko and "Free Donbass", led by Evgeny Orlov.
Commenting on the preparations for the elections, the CEC DNI Roman Lyagin said that they will use the lists of 2012, which "are not accurate enough for today," but there is no alternative, and they certainly "enough to recognize the elections as legitimate."
According Lyagina, on Russian territory will be open three polling stations for voting among immigrants from the DNR. They will act in temporary accommodation in Rostov, Belgorod and Voronezh regions.
He also said that for security purposes, the CEC can change the time of voting on a number of areas, in particular, to finish it before it becomes dark. But the bulk of work stations to be from 8 to 20 hours.
November 3 expected announcement of the election results, and is scheduled for November 4 at the inauguration of the head of the DNI "fairly modest surroundings."
Voter turnout in the LC can vary 52-58%, in turn, said at a press conference on Saturday that the head of the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic Sergey Koziakov.
According to the survey of the Institute of History of International Relations and Social and Political Sciences, to which he referred, for the current head of the People's Republic of Lugansk Igor Plotnitsky could vote 41% of the voters. For Oleg Akimov - 15.3%, for Victor Penner - 6.9%, Larissa Hayrapetyan - 3.3%. 43.5% of respondents have not decided on their political preferences.
And the election of deputies of the People's Council of the Republic, which must be 50 deputies, leading NGO "World Luhansk" with 44.4% of the vote, the Economic Union of Lugansk can score 18.2%, People's Union - around 6%, he added, citing Koziakov on survey data.
And deputies, and Head LC will choose a four-year term. Total in Luhansk will open 102 polling stations, including four mobile, three sites will be opened in temporary accommodation of refugees on the territory of Russia.
Voting rights are about 1 million people registered in this region.
Add that to the territory of Lugansk region the day before the election was declared a day of silence, at the same time in the DNR he has not acted, and Donetsk candidates until the day of the vote had the opportunity to campaign.
Reaction and observers
In Kiev responded to the upcoming elections in the DNI and LC tough. Thus, the representative of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine Vladimir Polevoy said that the organizers of the vote will be held accountable "for actions aimed at seizing state power", quoted him as saying "Interfax".
Earlier, Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said that Ukrainian authorities will spare no effort to prevent the vote in the republics. Also Klimkin said that the Russian authorities should discourage manual LC and the DNI to conduct their own elections.
However, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich, commenting such statements, said that Moscow is not something that will not discourage, but even will support the electoral procedures in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
Russia's permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov also did not see anything wrong with that "power DNI and LC want to get through the election democratic mandate, including, for talks with Kiev."
In turn, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow is ready to accept the results of elections, the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic.
As for the reaction of European politicians, the situation is ambiguous. On the one hand, the foreign ministers of the EU countries have already warned that do not recognize the results of these elections. In particular, the OSCE chairman and president of the Swiss Didier Burkhalter before elections urged all signatories September 5th Minsk protocol "fully comply with it." According to him, "the conduct of elections in the Donbass outside the framework established by Ukrainian legislation, contrary to the letter and spirit of the Minsk protocol and its implementation difficult."
However, the complete disregard of the voting question. On Saturday, for example, in Donetsk, a delegation of international observers from the OSCE.
Altogether, according to the head of the CEC DNI Roman Lyagina, the elections in Donetsk People's Republic will operate 51 foreign observers including representatives of the European Parliament, the United States, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and other countries. Lyagin even surprised, noting that "a surprising number of people came from the European Union."
Adding that some experts now predict that the coming elections will be an occasion for an exacerbation of the conflict and strengthening Ukrainian confrontation between Russia and the West. The fact of the recognition by the Russian elections, in whatever form it may be used for the introduction of new US sanctions, and Kiev could resume hostilities against the New Russia.

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