Friday, November 28, 2014

My sister they killed (with her ​​husband and children in Gorlovka)

#Ukraine War-Crimes Updates
My sister they killed (with her ​​husband and children in Gorlovka)

"Please publish this that all those fucked up ASSHOLES I saw and know their faces !!! I'm going to battle now!!!!. I will soon be 26, I'm a girl with very poor eyesight, but I'll find the money for lenses or glasses, and I will shoot very well with them. I will kill you all one by one. I will not shoot you in the head or heart, I'll shoot you in the arms, legs, stomach, so that you will die like the evil creatures you are. And just like my sister who in her agony knew that her family you had killed, that we no longer have as their children were buried in a closed coffins, because there was only meat left of her children. I am coming for you freaks. I will gnaw you with my teeth into small pieces. For my family, for her kids, and for Oleg and Tanya. Soon you will "Burn in Hell", you bastards. Retribution comes quick and true !!!

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