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Malaysian "Boeing777". Flight #MH17. What will Obama and Poroshenko say now?

Malaysian "Boeing777". Flight #MH17. What will Obama and Poroshenko say now?


One of the main accusations of anti-Russian propaganda campaign waged in the Western press, was the downing of the Malaysian "Boeing" MH17. The perpetrators of which they "found" just a few minutes after the ship disappeared from the radar screen. Naturally, Kiev and Washington announced their blame on Donbas militias and Russia. Firstly - as direct perpetrators, and Russia - as the alleged "organizer" supplying Donetsk militia with a SAM "Buk" missile. US even threatened to provide satellite image, proving the launch of anti-aircraft missiles from the territory controlled fighters of  DNI. But... never honored to do it of course.
Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press

Following the incident, the Ukraine SBU seized all records of negotiations with air traffic controllers and data from their radar screens, revealing a fragment of an audio file concerning the time after the moment when the plane stopped responding to their requests. And despite Russia's release of dispatching services in Rostov, materials that prove in the vicinity of a Malaysian ship for a few seconds before the crash, the carrying out of suspicious maneuvers performed by Ukrainian fighter jets, instead they persued attempts at  demonizing the Russian State and continued to harp about a Russian-Donbass "Buk" rocket launch.

Of course, such a terrible disaster, which killed nearly 300 people, propagandists used to the fullest extent to blame Russia. However, over time, out came fishy and absurd versions announced repeatedly by Ukraine and the United States. All this started a few minutes after the incident occurred, and before it was even clear where the site of the airliners location was even known, not to mention that the no preliminary results of any investigation of circumstances were known. Later on in initial discoveries were holes in the casing of the cockpit, matching a caliber of ammunition used by aircraft cannons fighters, and as it turned out, the shape, size and nature of these trace elements on the body affecting the aircraft did not meet the parameters of a missile complex "Buk". In the end, all of the results of examination, conducted by the United Kingdom, were kept secret, but the preliminary results sounded streamlined and vague spelling out destruction caused by "high-energy objects."

But the deed was done accordance to the principle described in the old joke: you accuse priest that his daughter is a prostitute, and when someone still finds that the priest childless, it will be too late for anyone to remember. Russia hung on though, all the maddoging, and even the Australian Prime Minister,s vow to take Putin for a beast during his visit to the green continent at the G-20.

Of course, by this time the appearance of photos fro a spy satellite, that captured the moment a missile was launched by a fighter jet in the direction of "Boeing" was not accidental. The intensity of anti-Russian hysteria in connection with Ukraine had reached such a degree that Vladimir Putin was forced to submit it to the shores of Australia, where the Summit of the G20's Warships met, and to show the evidence to all.

By the way, a very important step after the call for the physical elimination of the Russian leader, using the connivance of the security services of the state, which is one of the most loyal allies of the United States and Britain, the most hostile to Putin states.

With the advent of this image in electronic media, Russian President has killed several birds with one stone. Firstly, he knocked the ground out from under the feet of all, accusing him of aiding the so called "terrorists" of killing  numerous innocent victims. And Secondly, to put the Australian Prime Minister, in order for an apology to him for the death of Australian citizens. Putting the PM not in the most favorable light. Thirdly, once again Putin undermined the credibility of Barack Obama, against which in the US, he has accumulated a lot of accusations of deliberate misinformation to the United State's population. Fourth, he confirmed the falsity of the Ukrainian authorities, from where cries that "Russia has invaded the Ukraine", already a rather tiring false alarm for Europe and the rest of the World over.. Lastly, the need for prosecution of a terrorist entity in Kiev as this now as a serious piece of evidence and to prove otherwise would be extremely difficult.

Of course, the topic of Malaysian "Boeing" will go to the world media news bands before long. But Obama and Poroshenko's rhetoric towards Russia, without any doubt, will need to undergo major changes in how they toss blame around. Indeed it was published in Russian on "First Channel" the picture from space, and it was the closing link in a chain of evidence against Ukraine in the deliberate destruction of three hundred passengers civilian airliner, not only in studies of Russian experts, but also to published materials of November 5th by Canadian Institute for Global Studies.

Alexander Gorokhov

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