Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kiev Forces Continue Artillery & Mortar Strikes on Human Settlements | How Many More Children Should Be Killed ?

I appeal to All - to Cease Fire & Stop Killing Civilians! & Stop Killing or Children! "

The roar is heard in all parts of the city. Explosions are heard throughout the day, but fighting intensified greatly in the evening.

Around 17:00 (MSK) as a result of falling projectile onto school №63, killing two people. Institution is situated near the village. October (Kiev region).

In Humanitarian Staff reported that the victim was a pupil shell hit eighth grade, and 18-year-old high school graduate.

Injured four teenagers, three people 17 years old and one 21-year-old. Victims are directed at the Donetsk regional trauma. Now they are in intensive care. One heavy and three medium severity.

Commented on the shelling of home school and oligarch Akhmetov:

"A few hours ago in my home town, on school grounds, in which I studied, a shell burst. At this time on the football field were teenage children. Two of them were killed, four seriously injured and taken to intensive care. Tell me, how much more child deaths should be killed and maimed, how much more should be tears, that this war is finally over? I appeal to all - to cease fire. stop killing civilians! stop killing children! "

"Ukrofashistskie punishers struck artillery and mortar strikes on Human Settlements Frunze, Donetsk, Golubovka. Consequently, there are numerous localities destruction, 6 people were killed and 11 people were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity. Currently shelling continues.

Ukrofashistskie punishers attempt to bring reinforcements in the combat zone in the region of 29 checkpoints, 31.

So, 05.11.2014, by intelligence, in the village Toshkovka large concentrations of enemy personnel. After applying the barrage on the positions of punishers in the locality, the desire to go on the attack last decreased.

Ukrofashistskimi punitive repeatedly attempted to destroy the pipeline in Stakhanov region.

Despite the continued firing of punishers in the village Golubovka was restored gas supply to the population. In the area of the plant. Lenin (Irmino) continue work on the restoration of the pipeline and damaged infrastructure.

Forces of the 1st Regiment of the AMG WSC them. Platov assists to restore infrastructure and settlements. "

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