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In Eastern Ukraine, Nothing Has Yet Been Decided | colonelcassad

In Eastern Ukraine, nothing yet has Been Decided

November 23, 11:46 p.m.
German Foreign Frank-Walter MINISTER Steinmeier spoke out Against Ukraine joining NATO.
He Stated this in an Interview with Spiegel Online.
ACCORDING to the diplomat, the Ukraine and the alliance Partnerships are Possible, But NATO Membership of the question.
In addition, Steinmeier Said That Ukraine's accession to the EU Will not Take A PLACE even in Fairly Long term.
ACCORDING to in the Foreign MINISTER of Germany, Kiev Should Conduct Economic and Political Reforms.
The MINISTER Stressed That this project, Which Will have to work more than One Generation of Ukrainians.
In this regard, Steinmeier Proposed to abandon the "Speculation" on the subject of Ukraine's accession to the EU.
German politician also expressed fears that the Russian authorities will long to destabilize Ukraine.
"In eastern Ukraine, nothing has been decided," - said Steinmeier.
According to him, it relies on the Kremlin claims that Russia does not intend to violate the territorial integrity of Ukraine.
However, Steinmeier said that while things are moving in a different scenario.
Is despite this, the German Foreign MINISTER Opposing the dialogue with the Kremlin.
- Zinc 

Peremoga chi zrada?
Seriously though, the Germans despite an active part in the anti-Russian front, arms and legs kicking against US attempts to foist the current regime in Kiev maintenance of Europe, because of course, that if such a miracle himself to take, and then he , too, the Germans sponsor have.
Now American klopovnik in Kiev in fact contains all the parties to the conflict - Russia gives a discount on gas, Europe is giving money to pay debts, the United States give money for the army.
The whole of this "miracle" on balance no one wants to take.
It is also noteworthy and Steinmeier remark that in the east nothing has been decided and events now obviously are not going to Minsk agreements.
Well still, relations between the US and Russia have reached the bottom of the deep, and it is believed that the bottom yet still knock more than once.
Uperevshis question in the Crimea, the United States made ​​it impossible for some compromise agreement, which in principle would be convenient and Russia and Europe, allowing you to put a brake on the war unleashed by the United States.
As the saying goes, and would like to agree, but who will train.
Junta of course once again rolling, as previously repeatedly rolled Yushchenko and Yanukovych, when seemingly is about to, and then uncle from Brussels pompously began to rant on the subject that has need a lot of years of reform, to consider joining.
The ideal scenario would be Ukraine's membership in the EU and NATO, but it all paid to Russia, but let's say it's unscientific fantasy.
Ukraine in its present form is essentially needed only as a tool of war against Russia.
As part of the EU, it is not interesting, because of the extremely high cost and extremely low use (not related to the war against Russia).
Well, I think that the Americans will try in the next couple of years to replace Shtaynmaymera any more accommodating man like Westerwelle

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