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In the DNI and LC talk about other violations Minsk Agreement

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Minsk trap Poroshenko

If the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted for President Poroshenko, speaking chess terminology, the Shah, the upcoming November 2 election in Donbas, organized by DNR and LC may well be his mate. The very same situation in which the head of state has appeared today stalemate, anyway.
Inspired by the parliamentary campaign, Peter Poroshenko not only lost her (let's not forget that the current results of the presidential unit - it is also the administrative resource, which has been and always will be), but frankly missed coming to the will of the Donbass.
Caught himself just a week before election day, Peter Poroshenko, of course, said that the November 2 election illegitimate, urging their support in "world community". US, the EU and the UN did not have to wait long, standing on the side of Kiev and alleging violations of the Minsk Agreement dated September 5, according to which, ostensibly, the local elections in the Donbas is required on December 7 and they have to go by Ukrainian legislation.
All this massively broadcasted through global media, and Ukrainians believe. However, neither the Minsk Agreement, nor a law guaranteeing "special status" Donbass, there is no requirement to hold elections is December 7, or any other holiday.
Besides, the Verkhovna Rada (apparently intentionally) contrary to common sense and the law did not determine which specific areas it operates. Interestingly, this fact to say, not only the leaders of the DNI and LC, but said on the air at Savik Shuster the whole country ally Yulia Tymoshenko - incumbent lawmaker Alexander Kuzhel. Thus, if guided conventional logic goes that the Minsk agreement violates just Kiev, has not fulfilled one of the points of agreements and not to implement the laws that would guarantee the Donbas "special status".
In the DNI and LC talk about other violations Minsk Agreement: the rejection of the ceasefire, no steps in the decentralization of power, as well as measures to improve the humanitarian situation and the establishment of a "national dialogue".
A few words about the latest claims. Very revealing interview with the governor of Lugansk region Gennady Moskal, published on the eve of a very loyal to the site of the current government "Ukrainian Truth", in which the officer stated the following: "If we talk about the pro-Russian, they are very high - in some areas - 95% In some - 80%. The least - is 30% of the Ukrainized area where historically more Ukrainians. In Kiev, people think that the war has something to teach these people. When I talk about it in Kiev, do not believe me. " The official position remains unchanged: the power of the Donbas is in the hands of terrorists, and the elections will round up people at gunpoint.
So who to believe: Luhansk governor appointed Kiev, or to Kiev?
For the same reason Kiev refuses to fulfill its social obligations to the people in the Donbas, in the first place - to pensioners (say, money raskradut terrorists), condemning the elderly and the most unprotected strata of the local population on a real hunger ...
Ended up where I started. Elections in Donbas, which disrupt in Poroshenko today simply do not have the possibility to become a political end. The dynamics of the collapse of its rating would be surprised even Viktor Yushchenko. According to the governor of Dnipropetrovsk oligarch Igor Kolomoisky voiced in Moscow prankeru revelations on Skype, the current rate Poroshenko - 14%.
And if the current Parliament, clearly not hurrying to merge into a coalition with the presidential bloc, suddenly decided to leave him in opposition, declaring, for example, ordinary extraordinary presidential election, Peter Poroshenko would not pass on them even in the second round - it is unique.
Dmitry Kolisnichenko

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