Sunday, November 30, 2014

I am often asked: "how do you feel about New Russia"? | by Ivan Ohlobystina

I am often asked: "how do you feel about New Russia"? 

Posted by Ivan Ohlobystina.

I am often asked: how do you feel about the New Russia? And how do you treat people who defend their land, their loved ones, and, in fact, are the heroes of anti-fascists? #Novorossia has got this playing out now. 

We were asleep. You have woke up ... Why am I here? I guess it is now the brightest spot on the planet, because it is the epicenter of the global resistance to evil, I think. Because under the pretext of non-existent philosophical idiom, for some economic reasons, the world suddenly changed.
The world has become aggressive, violence began to prosper. And here - the first bastion against the darkness of this ... I very much hope that very soon here comes peace and prosperity. Because the people who live here, have a right to happiness. They paid for it with his own blood . 

Alexey Ovichnnikova posted,"To the delight of the audience came to Okhlobystin already legendary commander Motorola with his wife." I would like to congratulate you on your marriage, "- he said to the couple, and handed Motorola wedding gift: a bottle of some alcohol. Wife much more fortunate: "And I brought you a camouflage cloak" - he said, and to everyone's glee, pulled his coat, which immediately and placed on the shoulders of Helena. 

And then the actor went to the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Donetsk. As a gift to the temple Ivan Ohlobystin handed the cup to the Blessed Sacrament and officials to serve the Liturgy. " During the presentation in Donetsk new feature film "Priest-san" Russian actor Ivan Ohlobystin reported that many more cultural figures of the Russian Federation want to visit Donetsk People's Republic : "I spoke with Igor Ivanovich Sukachev. I asked him," Will you go to the New Russia? ". He said," Well, of course! ". Most likely, it will arrive in December with a concert here - find a place in your schedule. Then I talked with Dima Haratyanom - he, too, will come. Kormuhina Olga arrives and the group "earring will come." So far here are the preliminary agreement has. I think that a lot more people will come because - what we can, so help! "

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