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German Business Considers Sanctions Against Russia an Error

Media: Merkel "is fed up" with calls to withdraw sanctions against Russia

NOVEMBER 11, 2014, 10:28
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According to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she "fed up" calls from managers of large companies that require mitigation of Germany's position in relation to the Kremlin, writes The Times.

In particular, Merkel called Heinrich Weiss, one of the leaders of SMS Group - companies whose activities are represented in Russia and Ukraine.

'' The policy of sanctions is irrational because it never affect the actions of Russia in Ukraine, but it causes lasting damage to German companies and jobs, "- said Weiss, who has decided to abandon support for Merkel party - the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

He and some other businessmen in Germany now support the party "Alternative for Germany", which opposes the anti-Russian sanctions.

According to The Times, Federal Chancellor of Germany had to face the pressure from the business in the last month, when the heads of several major German companies - such as Bayer, Eon and BASF - went to Russia together with businessmen from other European countries to meet Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

As the newspaper notes, the actions of businessmen were regarded as "slap" Merkel and her politics."That we still lacked - a parallel foreign policy of Industrialists", - commented one of the advisers to the Chancellor.

As the Times, on trade with Russia in Germany depend not less than 300 thousand jobs. The publication notes that many "neighbors Merkel", including Austria, Hungary and Greece have clearly expressed their intention not to support further sanctions against Russia.

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German business considers sanctions against Russia error

EU sanctions against Russia were ineffective and did not achieve the intended policy outcome, said the head of the Eastern Committee of German Economy Eckhard Cordes in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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