Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Donetsk - This Evening Kiev has Intensified Shelling of Residential Areas

Highlights from 1 Brigade southeast.


"The last day on the fronts were noted in Novorossia a new use of incendiary munitions Ukrovermahtom in Donetsk and complications of operative conditions on the track" Bahmutka "
Donetsk People's Republic.
Donetsk - the evening punishers intensified shelling of residential areas of the city (Kiev, Kuibyshev and Petrovsky areas), around midnight shot went to the bus station. Periodic attacks continued until the morning (1 civilian killed, wounded 7). From morning artillery attack became even more massive - punishers used the entire spectrum of heavy artillery (howitzers, mortars, MLRS "Grad"), with incendiary ammunition. Evening by gunfire pos.Severny (football field at the school) killed 2 people (one of them is 11-year-old boy), 4 more were wounded (among them three minors). Regarding the airport - still being punitive firing artillery (with the direction of the Sands-Water) and does not subside clashes.

Avdiyivka - as a result of fierce shelling suburbs suffered "Coke Plant", injuring two workers. Also reported several skirmishes mezhduo polcheniem and natsgadami using heavy machine guns.
Marinka Raion - increases voltage: about midnight militia fired firing checkpoint near punitive n.p.Berezovove using ATGM, then punishers of conventional and rocket artillery shelled checkpoint near n.p.Maksimovka militia. "

Other localities DNI
Debaltseve - ukrovermaht reports a 18 shelling of their positions over the past day. Also reported directly about fighting with small arms.
Novoazovs'k area - night militia twice producing and mortar shelling positions in the area of punitive n.p.Pavlopol (punishers still complain and tank attack). Ukrovermaht same morning struck a powerful artudar on n.p.Sahanka (there unspecified number of dead and wounded civilians, in particular, 1 underage girl with traumatic amputation of both legs).
Telmanovskiy district - ukrovermaht as reported by a single shelling their positions in n.p.Granitnoe. In addition, the militia forces repeatedly attacked the moving column ukrovermahta on the road Donetsk - Mariupolv of ATGM and mortars near the settlement Starognatovka, Novogrigorevka and Novolaspa
Mining area - a very difficult situation near the settlement Nikishin (around midnight punishers mortar shelling residential sector of the village, then the militia fired a number of mortar attacks checkpoints and observation posts ukrovermahta). Also during the night of the militia artillery MLRS "Grad" made several attacks on strongholds natsgadov near n.p.Orlovo Ivanovka and barrow "Acute Grave."
Yasinovatskiy area - day shelling ukrovermahta undergone train depot halfway in Donetsk (there unspecified number of victims among the civilian population)

Mariupol - situation is tense; in suburbs periodically broke. Guide "ATO" states that "the enemy conducts psychological attacks, defiantly moving armored column" (as terrible to live!). Punishers also reported that efforts to strengthen its tank brigade.

Lugansk People's Republic
Kemerovo - during the night between the host and walked natsgadami artdueli iboestolknoveniya (are destroying the residential sector and an unspecified number of injured civilians).
Lisicansk - noted the movement of a large armored column in the direction of the capital ukrovermahta LC (50 units of BMP with servicemen unspecified number of ACS (under the tent), more than 20 trucks with ammunition and guns, 5 MLRS "Grad").
Stakhanov - ukrovermaht struck the outskirts of the city and n.p.Almaznaya of ACS and MLRS "Grad".
Novoaydarsky area - strong fights go near n.p.Bahmutovka.
Popasnjansky area - near Chernukhin DRG militia fired attack (with small arms) on punitive checkpoint and artillery strikes militia underwent fortified natsgadov near n.p.Zolotoe.
Stanichno Luhansk region - the militia managed to damage the artillery strike pontoon ferry erected punitive through r.Seversky Donets near n.p.Nizhnee. Ocarina Villages Luhansk reportedly civilians, periodically go local fights.
Slovianoserbsk Raion - 
Voltage situation remains on track "Bahmutka" (reported heavy shelling on track ukrovermahtom of MLRS "Grad" with directions n.p.Volnoe - apparently trying to suppress the militia positions and kontrnastupat). Militias report that punitive managed to hold reinforcements at roadblocks №29 and 31 (although this checkpoint information is inconsistent - there were reports that 80 punitive digging and sit surrounded without supplies). Ukrovermaht same overnight from n.p.Krymskoe were shelling bordering villages of ACS (particularly n.p.Frunze and PGT Donetsk, killing 12 civilians). This afternoon, the cruelest of fire MLRS "Grad" has undergone n.p.Trehizbenka.

Occupied Territory
Volnovaha and Ugledar - continuing repression and punitive troops ukrogestapo against civilians (detained on spurious grounds "aiding separatists" and exported to Dnepropetrovsk subjected people whose relatives were involved in the organization of elections in Donetsk)
Druzhkivka (Kramatorskaya agglomeration) - punishers continue to build a second line of defense and strengthened in residential areas and schools.
 Wow. And they say that the trucks were not enough for the APU !
Ого. А говорят, что грузовиков для ВСУ не хватает

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