Thursday, November 6, 2014

Banderostan Awaits Orders From the visiting US Vice-President

Banderostan Awaits Orders From the
visiting US Vice-President

Banderostan awaits orders host
_____________________________ from the visiting US vice-president of the junta leader Poroshenko, who he ordered to make an inventory of forces "ATO". Poroshenko ordered ATO to two weeks of tests of military equipment in the area of military operation in the south-east. This follows from the leader of a junta signing a decree on a package of measures to strengthen the defense of the state.

"To carry out two weeks checking the status of personnel security, energy and funds raised for the" ATO "in DNR and LC, with essential material and technical equipment to perform tasks in autumn and winter and its results inform the leader of the junta, "- said in a statement released by the press service Poroshenko. In addition, the leader of the junta ordered the government ukrovermahta develop and implement the simplified scheme for the purchase of military equipment needs ukrofashistskoy army.

Coincidentally or not, but so happened that just two weeks later - November 21 - will arrive in Kiev, US Vice President Joe Biden. And we know that the arrival of any pindostanskogo emissary to the capital Banderostana earlier, as a rule, accompanied by increased military activity on the part of security forces ukrofashistskih . What are the consequences can be at this visit?

Can a regular appearance in the Cueva US Vice President mean that the truce was over, and after two weeks ukrofashistskaya take new army assault Donbass people's republics? - Lately Pindostana not demonstrated willingness to help Kouevi something other than "pat on the back "- recalled the director of the Center of political marketing (Ukraine) Vasyl Stoyakin. - In the current situation hostilities could resume, in my opinion, not so much because of the fact that the United States so wish.

And due to the fact that it is necessary to Parasha. The fact is that gradually all these punitive battalions out of his control and frankly beginning to engage in banditry.And some have already put forward political demands of the ringleader of the junta, which, frankly, quite bad. And in order to distract people from the political objectives, it would be nice to resume hostilities.

"SP": - Edited plan "ATO" Biden did not bring? - With regard to the binding order Poroshenko Biden's visit, the most rational, it seems to me, the next option. Here Biden will arrive, and will be on hand Parashenki has specific numbers, which can fall on my knees and kiss the shoes of the American guest and ask for help: "Look, my soldiers go in rags." I think this is the option ... But the resumption of hostilities Action is also quite real.

Head of the Department of EU policy MGIMO, Doctor of Political Sciences Oleg Barabanov not exclude that Biden's visit to Banderostan could mark the start of a new round of confrontation in the Donbass. - It's no secret that all this time ukrofashistskie troops are preparing to attack. Spend regrouping, tighten the new technique. Gauleiter Kolomoysky that finances natsgadov battalions, as we remember, too, has repeatedly said that military action should be resumed. And threatens Poroshenko: if he does not take appropriate action, then it will be a problem.

Poroshenko took action - withdraw signature line of demarcation. And it is obvious that the analysis of the material base of troops in the zone "ATO" will allow them to show the real state of Biden forces. Certainly under this junta will require additional funding or Washington, or more military aid.

Because, most likely, they are ready to attack. But the budget Banderostana, understandably, do not pull that load. The budget obviously means for the further development of the arms race is not. Because I think the money and resources into a new war will ask Biden. "SP": - And he has blood in the Donbass interest because his son is known to have joined the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian private oil and gas company ... - What is natural, it is necessary say to the Americans.

They always used their military operations closes for the interests of big business, close to the White House. One may recall, for example, the story of the company «Halliburton», the former head of which is Dick Cheney, the US vice president. During the Bush administration, the company has become one of the symbols of the US wars of conquest.

It is the same situation - the interests of large American businesses are connected to the military pressure. Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of International Security Problems Alexei Fenenko, in turn, doubts that ukrofashistskaya army is ready to conduct offensive operations: - Hardly hostilities resume in two weeks.I think that after the August defeat in Ukraine is no combat-ready units to conduct a new full-fledged military campaign. postrelyat can - arrange some major provocation in the region of Donetsk, Luhansk region, or, as may be, and under Mariupol. But this will be a major military provocation. Ideally, I think the administration Poroshenko would like to have violated the truce defenders Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

To shout then the whole world: "It's not us. This is - they are! Therefore push Russia further sanctions, and let us arms. " major provocation they can arrange, but go for full war - hardly. Because if you renew the war, it will lead to a new defeat. Then hold out whether Poroshenko in power? Until the moment that really Banderostan rearm the army, I think, a major war in the Donbass will not.

But the provocation to disrupt the truce and charges the other side of the junta can wait. "SP": - But not the fact that the truce will follow the world? - The problem of Minsk agreements is that they are not satisfied with any of the parties. Ukrainian society we underestimate the request to the war, and it is very large and very strong - just request "from below." Most of it still expects victory in the military conflict. Therefore, some still try to take revenge Banderostan.

The only thing that can stop the junta if Novorossia forces will be strong enough to fight off her attacker. But now the most vulnerable areas, it certainly is a suburb of Donetsk. How much will the DNI endure regular shelling, in fact, its capital city. Sooner or later they will have to take some kind of military operation just to ward off ukrofashistskih siloviki from Donetsk to provide security guarantees to the city. It is the most vulnerable moment. Because in this case the junta can blame Donetsk Republic of disrupting the ceasefire. And, most likely, it will be in every way to provoke it.

Svetlana Gomzikova

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