Saturday, November 15, 2014

A whole family was killed during the shelling in Gorlovka last night.

Lugansk - The town where I live! (Inspirational Letter)

The war has made us more ... We do not make plans. We often pray ... We rejoice every single day ... We have learned to appreciate the simple things - tap water or a quiet morning. All that we would become more expensive new clothes! In the morning, we call all your friends and family, and understand how they are dear to us! We have one dream (one for all) - all quickly finished and there was peace in our cities! WE ALWAYS experiencing !!!!! And at this moment, when we say: "All is over!" - Heart will freeze for a second, and then again clogged with new force ... We will never be the same ... We will never forget the sounds of shots and each fireworks remind us about these days. And everyone is too loud rumble force us to raise his head to the sky. And on that day, when all is over, when there will be scary when the streets come alive and everyone will go home - we go and celebrate a new life! On all cylinders, all the money to the last bad thoughts. WE ALWAYS will survive! We have enough strength and patience and nerves! In the meantime, take care of yourself and loved ones! And God bless us !!
This family was killed during the shelling in Gorlovka last night. The Ukrainian army used “GRAD” missiles on housing estates. Father, 5-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son died right away. Mother was heavily wounded and she was taken to the hospital, the doctors fought to save her life all night long, but the woman died. Their neighbors say that the father and son loved sports, they often played football in the yard, the little girl took part in a concert in her kindergarten on the 14th of November.
May their souls rest in peace..

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