22 years ago in Los Angeles broke the first "color" revolution. 
revolt was quickly suppressed by the army and special forces.

One of the modern myths prevalent in the post-Soviet space, is the belief that an enlightened and civilized West protests have long been a routine part of the political landscape. Say, a few protesters gathered for a peaceful demonstration, march pass through the streets, and the police and they did not dare touch a finger - for democracy and human rights. And if it is touched, then immediately invited to a lawyer and a thousand times to apologize for causing trouble. Alas, such ideas are far from real life. An example of this - Cancelled "black revolution" the spring of 1992 in Los Angeles.
The reason for the uprising were the two events. First - April 29, 1992, a jury acquitted police officers accused of beating a black man Rodney King. Needless beating occurred March 3, 1991, when police tried to detain outfit King and his two companions. If his friends at once obeyed the request of the police, got out and obediently lay on the ground, clasped his hands behind his head, the King had resisted. Later, he justified his behavior that was at liberty on parole - he had previously sat for a robbery, and he was afraid that his psycho back behind bars. Police eventually brutally beat him, breaking his nose and leg.
The second event - the same days the court actually met an American of Korean origin Sunn I Du, shot in their store when you try to robbing 15-year-old black woman Latash Harlins. The Court gave Sunn I DN only 5 years probation. All this together has led the leaders of the African-American radical groups to declare that "white America" ​​is still racist.Special hatred they caused Koreans and Chinese, which was announced negros "traitors colored world" and senders' white murderers. "
The first clock protests bore exclusively peaceful in nature - a few dozen activists led by Baptist pastors just went out into the street with placards. But in the evening on the streets appeared black youth from poor neighborhoods and protest instantly turned into a massacre. Young people began stoning of whites and Asians, and soon burned houses and shops. The epicenter of the uprising was the southern district of downtown Los Angeles, where it was burned about 5.5 thousand. Buildings - mostly houses, inhabited by white.

White bystanders caught in the streets and killed (in the photo above: the killers a white woman brazenly posing for the camera on board a police helicopter).

A day later, the evening of 30 April uprising began in other neighborhoods of Los Angeles locations Latinos. Behind them rose and white themselves from poor neighborhoods, realizing that the riots - a great reason to rob the store. And the city went up in flames, ignited from different ends.

On a political protest and racial conflicts more no one thought - the main goal of the rebels became unchallenged hooliganism and robbery. Were destroyed hundreds of shops, and the sum of the total damage done to business networks, estimated at $ 1.2 billion.

The first two days - April 29-30 - the police hardly intervened in the rebellion. The most that had the local police - is to protect the place of the uprising that it does not spread to other neighborhoods where they lived wealthy white, as well as the downtown area. Because of this, two-thirds of Los Angeles actually come under the control of the rebels. Moreover, the black militants had even tried to storm the headquarters of the Los Angeles Police Department, to burn all the criminal cases on the "black brothers", but the guards repulsed the assault. In retaliation, the crowd smashed and burned Received known newspaper Los Angeles Times, justifying this by the fact that it is a "bulwark of white lies."

The white population left the city in fear. Only the Asians. They were the first and repulsed the thugs. Particularly distinguished Koreans who have organized vigilante groups - 10-12 mobile groups, each of which was 10-15 vigilantes firearms. Such self-defense units more than a day guarding the Korean quarters - the militias were shot everyone who appeared on their streets with a weapon or with "Molotov cocktails" in the hands. In fact, it was the Koreans and then saved the city, to prevent the uprising spread to other neighborhoods and keep the crowd of thugs.

Only in the evening on May 1 in Los Angeles were brought 10,000 National Guard troops, more than 3 thousand marines in armored "Humvees," as well as teams of rangers and special forces of the FBI. These troops were cleaned city until May 3. But in fact, the revolt was suppressed only on 6 May.

Security forces did not stand on ceremony with the thugs. According to police, two days of fighting killed 44 people (according to other sources, from police bullets and soldiers killed more than 100 people, but as a detailed investigation into the death of each one did not hold, the final number of victims of the acceleration of the uprising is still disputed ). Much more was wounded - witnesses later told that Marines shot at his feet caught the militants. The total number of people arrested over 11 thousand people. Counted and the victim of thugs. As stated in the Police Department of Los Angeles for a few days of fighting at the hands of tyrants and rebels killed 58 people (51 men and 7 women).

About 500 people from among those convicted of rioting and murder still spend time in prison - many of them received 25 years in prison to life imprisonment.

But Rodney King is still alive and enjoying life. After the rebellion, he went to court and sought to LAPD more than 3.8 million dollars compensation for unfair beating.With this money, he opened a record company Alta Pazz Records, which specialized in rap music. Soon, the business went bankrupt Rodney King, and he roared again in prison - for drunk driving and for beating his wife. After serving another term, Rodney King went from Los Angeles - in his words, he realized that the police will not let him live in peace. He now lives in a small California town, in the construction business and its "glory" tries not to remember.

In the 90 uprising in Los Angeles has become one of the favorite themes of American show business.

Self-defense units 
very soon became an international Mayhem: White quickly realized that "revolt of black" can be written off all looting shops.

The main culprit of racism were declared expensive shops.

Followed by African Americans joined the protest and poor Hispanics.

The first burning expensive sports cars.

Robbery shops: subjecting all!

Inside robbed a supermarket. 
followed by looting in the city came to the fires.

In downtown Los Angeles. 
burning mega-malls. 
Fire revolution. 
After the "revolution."

National Guard of the United States.

Army two days took control of the city.

Has been arrested more than 11 thousand people

Los Angeles in the smoke.

Army enters the city.