Monday, October 27, 2014

Mariupol Locals Aggressively Block Ukrainian Military Column

Under Mariupol locals aggressively block column Ukrainian military

At that time, as the militias are unquestioning support of local residents, the militants nats.gvardii and MAT are increasingly faced with resistance from the unarmed locals.
So, the villagers Sartana that Iyichevck district of Mariupol, today they have been blocked the road going to the village Talovka. The perturbation of the local residents is the fact that the soldiers of the Ukrainian army in order to protect themselves from return fire by militia fighters set their guns directly in the courtyards of houses. Local failed to stop the advance of the column, which forced the commander of the column to enter the talks to the audience. Those announced that they refuse to pass the military to their homes even under pain of death.

APU is directed at Donetsk reinforcements as the Nazis carry serious loss

At the moment, the column is standing on the ground. It seems the military satisfied by the fact that even if not taking the necessary boundaries, yet are safe.

 Summary of the most significant events of the previous day from the Center for operational cooperation.
On the morning in the sky to the east of Donetsk - from north to south was observed 2 combat aircraft. Height greater.
Talakovka. Mornings APU hit MLRS. Our steel respond. Artillery duel moved into the rifle.

Sands. First, a few shots of Artillery of Sand in rn old airport terminal, after which the work of our artillery in response, then the extension of our armor, galloping battle rifle.
Artillery duel in the district Debaltseve.
Avdiyivka. Short art.duel, after which several APCs Nazis took out his "200" and "300" on the armor through the fields. Immediately after the attack broke artelleriyskoy very intense infantry combat. According to intercept APU sends to Avdeyevka reinforcements. Apparently Avdiyivka well treated, there is a serious loss of the Nazis. From Volnovakha report that all Medical Institutions overcrowded wounded. "The place is long gone, but still carry and carry! ...". Apparently from the Talakovki.

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