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Lugansk and Donetsk To Choose Their Own Parliament

Lugansk and Donetsk to choose their own parliament

October 31, 2014, 18:10 clock
Despite the protests from Kiev Donetsk and Lugansk regions which will on Sunday hold their own elections - with Putin's blessing. Moscow recognizes the polls and calls for the same from the west.
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Pro-Russian activists wear during a demonstration in Donetsk, the flag of the self-proclaimed People's Republic. On Sunday a separate "People's Council" is selected. ©
T he pro-European forces in the Ukraine have their victory in the parliamentary elections already booked, now the separatists to control their own elections in the east. Although warned in Kiev Foreign Minister Pawel Klimkin urgently, the vote this Sunday (November 2) is illegal. No one will recognize them. But his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov has surprised even before days so that Moscow would very probably recognize the new pro-Russian guides and people's representatives in Donzek and Lugansk.
The Russian chief diplomat also spoke freely of the self-proclaimed "people's republics" Donetsk and Lugansk. The government in Moscow is not only much further with the announced recognition of separatists choice than in the referendums in May. At that time, the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin , the insurgents still asked publicly to renounce the referendum on secession from the Ukraine. The Russians want the West but also show that they can not be of the sanctions of the EU and the USA deterred.
With the elections, the controversial tours of the areas would now legitimized, Lavrov said in an interview. Russia had ultimately brought the Ukrainian leadership to after long hesitation to take any dialogue with the forces. 100 MPs will be selected in the "People's Council" of the Republic of Donetsk and 50 in the "People's Council" of Lugansk.

Ukraine will lose Donetsk and Lugansk likely

Separatist leader Alexander Sachartschenko had an offer of the pro-Western government in Kiev, on 7 December to organize regional elections to Ukrainian law, rejected. The new Kievan law on a special status for the Russian embossed area is among the insurgents no followers.
Therefore foreign minister Klimkin warns of a "hotbed of instability" with criminal structures in the conflict zone. He hopes that the EU organized a donors' conference next year in Brussels. So should the conflict area economically get back on their feet and remain part of the Ukrainian state. But the risk is great that Ukraine still loses after connecting the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea to Russia in March a part of the country.
Although threaten new penalties, Russia should push for independence in eastern Ukraine. However, the Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin speaks further of the public taboo in Ukraine Noworossija (New Russia). So hot the Russian dominated region historically, the president emphasized at every opportunity. And he saves the people in the war zones Donetsk and Lugansk repeatedly to support. No coincidence, therefore, that on Friday - shortly before the vote - again a Russian truck convoy in the region distributed relief supplies.

Army could prevent the elections

The public fundraising campaigns run at high speed for months - and the Russian state television reported from the Ukrainian regions, as it were regions of their own country. Caused a stir on Friday about the visit of prominent Moscow Actor Mikhail Poretschenkow in Donetsk, like an insurgent with army helmet, protective vest, uniform allowed themselves to be filmed while shooting - out of compassion for Noworossija, as he explained.
Although fear the separatists that the Ukrainian military could prevent the vote. But still holds the beginning of September in the Belarusian capital Minsk, negotiated by the parties to the conflict ceasefire largely. The Ukrainian leadership warned the separatists that their regions alone were not viable. But the border areas with Russia long ago benefit from their neighborhood - such as the gas supplies.
Observers believe the choice for a "farce". Because about electoral lists were missing and a vote even on the Internet is permitted only could an "imitation of elections" of the question, the Donetsk political scientist Sergei Tkachenko said the newspaper "Segodnja". "There is a picture of massive vote generated to obtain the haggling with the Ukraine and Russia for their own interests trump cards," he says. He considers it possible that the frozen conflict is hot again and start fighting again.

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