Friday, October 3, 2014

Anti-Putinists prepare to plot 

Alexander Dugin

 Despite the Ming collusion, Kiev continues to attack. New Russia continues to resist. Continuing aggression of neo-Nazi junta, but also continues to support the Russian New Russia. And yet, we are able to deadlock. Scales does not bow down to the one or the other. Winter is coming, home collapse. A humanitarian catastrophe has long been raging in the territory of New Russia.
Already under a million, if not more, of refugees in the Russian Federation. A significant proportion of the DNI and LC just moved abroad, the people who run away from the horror, death, torture, and genocide outright Nazism in Ukraine. But the persecution of supporters of New Russia is not only there. All supporters of the NPT and the LC of Russian patriots in Russia for a long time off the air, and those who are not disabled, put in rigid frames.

 An principled supporters of Russian spring cleaning. It is necessary to ascertain the complete victory of its opponents in the political sphere, to say we do not give, we demonize. And the demonization of Russian reality completely repeats the demonization that takes place at the international level. Those people who were on the first cast in the history of the formation of New Russia, received a huge political blow in Russia. 

The most striking thing is that the tracking of the impact structure, we see that all of his arguments, all of its contents, all that denigration and demonization of patriots and supporters of Russian spring, which appear in the Russian-language network in the media and in political circles, it's all completely repeats the campaign, which is carried out against us, against these same people personally in the Western press. Some in Russia repeat what they write American, Greek, French, British and European newspapers, reproaching me, shooting in some nationalist conspiracy against Putin. 
We - the most loyal supporters of Putin, we are the followers of his hot, we are loyal to his line, and always support his most decisive steps that many frightened and cause rejection. And we start to beat the media in Russia itself, completely repeating the scenario outlined in the Western strategic centers. In recent years, there was a dramatic change in the political course of Russia - Putin era return of the Crimea - until today, October Putin - is some kind of a different person. Externally it is something the same, and we have a support can be an even greater extent support than ever was. But in the spring he acted freely in the public interest, in terms of compliance with moral rules, saving people from genocide. 

Now he is tied hand and foot, hobbled by those who are called the six colonies in Russia, which is becoming more and more evident is part segment Atlanticist, the American network, which plays in the interests of the global financial oligarchy. Russian political and especially economic elite, with few exceptions, is just part of a global, if anything, global network, working in the interest of the West. They hire themselves corrupt political strategists, and even those patriots who are patriots only on request, and when it is necessary to protect their ideas, sacrificing something, rather than just repeating what I said power, upholding the principles of these patriots flee, holding the position of the enemy by engaging in a campaign of defamation of the most prominent representatives and leaders of the Russian spring. 

Occurs a liberal answer Russian spring. And it is clear that the people who determine the policy today in the Kremlin in relation to the New Russia - these are people who are not only against the New Russia, not only in the interests of the West, but also personally against Putin. How they managed to convince Putin that the line for the surrender of New Russia, the line collusion with Kiev, with neo-Nazi leadership that this idea of ​​trading national interests and moral values ​​Rossi should lead to some positive results for the country, I can not imagine. Because Putin patriot it theoretically should not have to act, it does not like him. 

In the same confusion remains now all our patriotic people, as well as residents of New Russia. But the people of New Russia, in addition to confusion, see defeated home corpses of people in the streets, the loss of relatives. Despite the "Minsk World" every day people are dying, more and more, our brothers, our sisters. We see a continuation of military operations to the fullest extent. Winter is coming, the economy is completely ruined, but still no clear policy. There is no future, but the past is colored black bloody smoky tone of the war. 

Those people who were at the head of mobilization, which themselves went there that just do not get out there, which provided humanitarian support, any support, moral, political, informational support Novorossia today looking uncertainly at each other and ask, what do we do next? My prediction is pessimistic: Putin captured by a group of people who carry out the order of external centers of his blocking. He was disoriented, misinformed, has come under some form of blackmail, namely geopolitical blackmail, representatives of the global community and their networks are managed in fact, radically change the internal information policy in Russia. And, as Putin - a patriot and a leader of the Russian world and the initiator Russian spring, I think against him preparing a plot to overthrow him. To do this, of course, disappointed patriots are essential. 

They, according to the American customers of the coup to overthrow Putin must rise up against the president, who allegedly betraying New Russia, and more, along with the Liberals, with the support of the American networks of influence, to carry out some repetition Maidan in Russia. Letting Novorossia necessary for the overthrow of Putin, just as the salvation of New Russia needed to strengthen him and Russia, in order to defend our national interests and moral, historical, civilizational values. What is happening in Russia, is that, in general, is still directly connected only with Novorossia - it's a conspiracy against Putin to overthrow him. And Minsk agreements are one of the elements of the network war against Russia against Putin, against all of us. The very idea of ​​strike coming from the West, for the people who are the core of Putin's support, fighting not for grades, not for some sort of gratitude for the unconditional supporters of Putin aims to expose their most important opponents - is particularly sophisticated tactics. 

Similarly, demonized leaders Novorossia just demonized Strelkova, just demonize those people who never sleep, nor spirit did not think about any Fronde Putin's position. Moreover, it is patriotic, faithful Putin kernel and is designed to save him from a possible overthrow, which, if everything is so and will move on, becoming more and more likely. We are dealing with a very serious, terrible geopolitical game aimed against Putin. It complicit supporters of the West, America and the liberals in Russia itself. They were much stronger than many thought. It seemed that Putin them thinned out in recent years, shifted the fifth column, and the political establishment in Russia, they are a minority. Not a bit of it! They still have their fingers on the pulse, while maintaining control, is still run by the main political processes. 

Those people who allegedly were instructed to engage Novorossia today already invaded the area of ​​domestic policy, set the tone in the media, without it, as it seemed, no authority. They reduce their scores with the Patriots, realize their perverse, suspicious and dubious schemes aimed at one thing: to overthrow Putin. Now we are dealing with a conspiracy of elites against Putin. Elites, which are associated with network CFR, with networks of direct political and strategic impact on Russia.
We know that the Fifth Column gets money and instructions from the American Embassy. But do not get out there, maybe in a more veiled form, instructions representatives sixth column, that is, those liberals and Westerners, which Putin considers his, which were up to a certain point, loyal? Being a part of this global network, in a critical situation, and now it is a critical situation, they will certainly serve the master that controls their money. And all the money that the oligarchic elite and a large Russian officials have long been found in the West. 

Accordingly, they have a council. Wrote about it, by the way, a former adviser to Putin, too, not just on the part of the observer, Andrei Illarionov, who observed that in order to throw Putin, you need to hit the accounts of his inner circle. America and the West have done just that, and the result is obvious: Russian spring ends, stops our offensive in the New Russia, begin demonized all genuinely pro-Putin forces exhibited in a negative way, bought by the corrupt traitors patriots who, due to some reason take the side of our opponents, and as a result of all this, we are rapidly moving towards defeat. 

We are in this situation is nothing to do but to stand up to the end of the New Russia, to defend our national interests, our identity, to save our people from the former Ukraine, and it is still half of its population - from Kharkov to Odessa, to accept the DNI and LC, not to retreat from their positions to fight directly, indirectly, who once could, each in his place, against the sixth column, which now seeks to take Putin's hostage, and tomorrow will prepare his overthrow. 

Do not succumb to provocations, to remain faithful to the Supreme Commander, believe in Russia, believe in our civilization, our faith in the truth, to believe in our Lord Jesus, the Son of God, and to support Putin. Come what may. To prevent a split patriotic societies to which are pushing more and more the adversaries. Themselves not to become a tool of American subversion of the game and not let the people who we believe are watching us, to become the next victims of the civil war, when in the course of individual drain Novorossia, sooner or later, the patriotic masses turn against Putin. This must be at least postpone, or even better - to prevent. At some point it is necessary to take something drastic. 

Now, to gather strength for a counterattack in the New Russia, for the taking of Mariupol, to capture all the other areas and strategic sites in the territory of two independent states - Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republic People's Republic raise patriotic movement to mobilize people in support of the New Russia. Beat with the sixth string to the end to defend your truth and the truth by any means, the means that we have. After all, despite the fact that our position is supported by many, we bear the loss. While I was struggling with the enemies in politics in Russia Moscow State University, Rifles fought at the front Slovyansk us - and him and me - have withdrawn from these positions, deprived of authority. 

But they can not deprive us of our love for the country, can not deprive us of our conscience, honor and dignity to be higher by the Russian people. Until the enemy is defeated, no one, neither I nor Gunmen nor Malofeev, nor any other Russian patriots nor Brain nor Gubarev, nor the leaders of the Donets Basin, Luhansk no leaders, no one from their positions will not go away. 

Alexander Dugin

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