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The Russian Government Begins Assisting LC and DNR

Kharkiv - New Russia

Today at 7:00 am

The Russian Government Begins Assisting LC and DNR
____________________________________ The Russian Government constitutes an Interagency Commission to Provide Humanitarian support to affected Areas DNI and LC. The Corresponding order signed by Prime WAS Dmitry Medvedev MINISTER. On the Commission Will be Responsible Authorities Interaction with the Banderostana ( ukrainian Territory occupied by the Junta) on the Issues of the Reconstruction and Humanitarian Aid of ProVision to the population in These Areas, as well as the Coordinate Activities of the Executive branch of the Federal, Regional and Municipal levels to Provide Humanitarian support Novorossia. Responsible for the Activities of the Commission Appointed Economic Development, Chairman of the Commission Appointed DEPUTY MINISTER of the Ministry. ACCORDING to the document, the Commission Will Also work in the Rostov region. 

Grandmother Shura, with tears in her eyes said she will not live with Bandera

Summaries of the Militia of New Russia
Today at 6:50 am
Grandmother of LC talks about the horrors of war: We goloduem and die.What a pity the elderly - one survived the war and occupation, they were confronted with a modern fascism in the name of Ukraine. Grandmother Shura, with tears in his eyes said he did not want to live with Bandera, and that no one thought on the pavement residents of Donbas dead will not lie. Video plot from "The Road to Lugansk", report Ina Mihedovoy (St. Petersburg) during travel in Molodogvardejsk Krasnodon district LC (from 28 November to 14 December 2014)



At the airport in Kuala Lumpur, this giant screen to track weather information and the position of the different flights. On March 8, at 0 h 41, it displayed the MH370 to Beijing.© DAMIR Sagolj / REUTERS

December 21, 2014 | Updated December 21, 2014

We never found the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines and its 239 passengers missing on 8 March.Aviation enthusiast, author of "The House of Officers" and "the Edgar curse" has conducted the survey.

"Everyone is lying to us. There is a code of silence in this case, there are too many inconsistencies. I no longer trust anyone. "Ghyslain Wattrelos punctuates his last statement with a smile, expressing his determination intact and stays at length absorbed in his thoughts. Losing the same day, his wife and two of his children goes well beyond the drama.

This is an atrocity that no one is prepared. Y survive requires a huge effort that this man extent every day for nine months, so it is difficult to maintain consistency before such nonsense. The difficulty is even greater when the authorities in charge of shedding light on this tragedy absconding, as if the destruction of the MH370 flight on which 239 people disappeared , was nothing more than the realization a fatal probability in a secure world.

The disappearance of Air flight between Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in Beijing, March 8, 2014, is unlike any other accident identified so far. At its erasure without a trace adds the building, in record time, a wall of silence reminiscent erected by the US authorities during the explosion of TWA Flight 800 off the coast of New England. In the case of flight MH370, silence has replaced the excitement of the first hours with a rapidity which suggests that transparency is not the priority in this case. No doubt there would it be that speculation, if threats on this investigation had not been skillfully distilled by a Western intelligence agent. Many spies are frustrated writers. 

Hence the use of metaphors designed to discourage us to go further and make us understand, in the end, that "it is a highly sensitive matter of great complexity," and that " it is better to let time do its work rather than trying to speed it up, with all the risks that come up. " In the technological world of ours, particularly that of the US military, it is surprising that a jumbo 63 meters in length could literally fainted. As is surprising disregard for particularly abused families ... So we know it so active in hostage cases, little is understood that François Hollande has not taken the time to receive the husband and father of the French victims which are, to date, only missing.

Monday, March 24, an officer in the Royal Australian Air, Marc Smith, patrol in AP-3C Orion.© Richard Wainwright / EPA / MAXPPP

Volatilization of the device has left no official record or by land or sea. Determined to very large data specified by an English geostationary satellite, the chosen zone in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, with raked considerable resources, has returned nothing. Not the slightest scrap and, of course, none of the black boxes of the device that would have to reconstruct the circumstances of the tragedy. By declaring the aircraft lost, the Malaysian authorities have recently invited the families of victims as observers to draw a line under this matter. 

Nearly nine months after the tragedy, they consider the insoluble matter. Yet, one thing appears as certain: it is not. March 8 this year, the captain of the Boeing 777-200 normally prepares for his evening flight. On the way to the airport, he decided to attend the trial of the main opponent to the Malaysian regime tried for "sodomy", medieval accusation that speaks volumes about the degree of the regime modernity. A caste of corrupt politicians take the country for fifty-seven years on the basis of bribe and nepotism, with limited taste for sharing. A 54-year Zaharie Bin Ahmad Shah , an experienced driver, is part of this elite would like to see their country go into a democratic era. Sentenced to five years imprisonment of opposition leader proves to him that this time did not happen and, according to some accounts, he was particularly upset. 

On a personal level, it is said he just divorce. The captain can not ignore in its cargo highly flammable lithium batteries have already caused serious incidents. Fariq Bin Ab Hamid, the first officer, is much younger, 27, and inexperienced, although he began his career at 20 years. It is about to marry his girlfriend and best known of one of her escapades, which led him to bring two young foreign tourists in the cockpit of a plane he copilotait, contrary to regulation. No doubt the captain while he takes knowledge of cargo loading. An airliner, even full passengers that their luggage is added, retains a substantial cargo carrying capacity.

Loading slip mentions lithium batteries, batteries that power these famous most devices from our connection frenzy. It can not ignore that they are highly flammable and causing several serious incidents, including the fatal crash of a UPS 747 that crashed after taking fire near Dubai airport. Manifesto he reprobation? We do not know anything. The remaining load is much more blurred. Fresh fruits are evoked, although the season do doubt their reality. NNR Global Logistics, the company charged freight, interrogated several times, follows the instructions and silence does not answer any question. 

The captain has certainly also viewed the passenger list, 227 people, mostly Chinese, but also Malaysians and, among other nationalities, two Americans and four French. He knows that two Iranian passengers travel in stolen European passports, and many others working in the field of remote control airplanes.One sensed the drama, Paul Weeks, an Australian who recently survived an earthquake in New Zealand and a serious car accident. Convinced that his time has come, he puts his ring and his watch to his wife, his two children. His wife convinces him to take them back, but he left with the certainty of never seeing her again.


Kuala Lumpur has a reputation of having a colander airport. Other passengers they boarded the plane without so be on the list? It's a possibility. One thing, however, is acquired. The drivers know their aircraft, the B 777-200, is one of the most sold in the world, the pride of Boeing, which has made ​​this widebody one of the safest modules in service on the planet, although phenomena wear could be observed on the fuselage of the oldest of them.
The MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur to 0 h 41 local time. At 1 h 01, he confirmed to have reached its cruising altitude or 35,000 feet. The ACARS system that transmits flight data to technical maintenance work normally. The plane is heading north to Beijing. The flight plan provides that flies over Vietnam. As he leaves the Malaysian airspace last conversation takes place between the cockpit and air traffic control. The first officer takes leave of his interlocutors: "Good night! Malaysia 370. "Commentators then argue on the basis of alleged evidence of the air traffic controller, as there was a tone of defiance, a sardonic nothing in the way the officer put it, heralding following signs .
However, nothing indicates that the dialogue, in words or intonations, has varied uses. At 1 h 19, when the plane leaves the Malaysian airspace nothing abnormal transpires that flight. Then suddenly everything is spoiled. Three minutes later, 1 hour 22, the transponder unit that allows an aircraft to be located from the ground as well as by other aircraft, is suddenly disconnected. Ultimate contact with the outside, it is disabled by the driver in the event of serious electrical problem. Another three minutes later, the plane suddenly deviates from its course and apparently share in reverse.At 1 h 30, the Vietnamese air traffic control center in Ho Chi Minh City fails to make contact with the MH370 and asks the alleged airliner nearest to do for him. 

The driver of the latter receives in return Mumbles parasites on background. At 1 h 37, the ACARS system supposed to transmit new data does not transmit. At 1 h 38, air traffic control, Ho Chi Minh City asked the Kuala Lumpur to take new MH 370. The aircraft did not contact him, as is the custom, and he disappeared from his radar after the waypoint Bitod. The air traffic control Kuala Lumpur replied that the MH370 is never reversed its frequency after passing the waypoint Igari, the last under his control. At 2 h 03, Malaysia Airlines, warned of the disappearance, sends a message to the cockpit asking him to join emergency Vietnamese air traffic control. 

No answer. At 2 h 15, the air traffic control center will contact the Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Airlines between operations. This last him that he is capable of exchanging signals with flying 370 and that it is in the Cambodian airspace. Three minutes later, 2 h 18, the air traffic control Kuala Lumpur request to that of Ho Chi Minh City if the MH370 is supposed to enter Cambodian airspace. The response is immediate.

The planned route did not understand Cambodian space and its officials confirm that the aircraft has not borrowed. At 2 h 22, the last contact between the Malaysian primary military radar and the aircraft it is 370 kilometers northwest of Penang. At 2 h 25, a "log-on request" is sent to the aircraft via the Inmarsat. This is actually a request for information on the operation of the engines, transmitted by Rolls-Royce. On modern aircraft, engines talk to their fixed time manufacturer via a satellite link. The plane acknowledge receipt of the request, without reply. And so will every hour until the expected final disappearance of the unit.
At 2 h 24, the center of Malaysia Airlines operations back on his outreach statement with the plane. Despite this, a minute later, Malaysia Airlines confirms to Kuala Lumpur control center location of the aircraft over North Vietnam, information relayed in Ho Chi Minh City. At 2 h 39, an attempt is made ​​to contact the cockpit by telephone, via satellite link from the plane: failure. At 3: 30 pm, the center of operations shall Malaysia Kuala Lumpur that his information on the position of the aircraft were based on projections and not on reality.
At 5 h 30, the Kuala Lumpur air rescue coordination center is activated. At 6 h 30, estimated time of arrival of the flight MH370 in Beijing, the aircraft was declared missing families, flabbergasted by the news. At 7 h 13, a new telephone contact test fails. At 7 h 24, the device is officially declared extinct in the press. At 8 am 19 and thirty-seven seconds a last satellite signal, apparently low intensity comes from the plane. No satellite contact with the aircraft, since his death, has led to an exchange of information, but only to a signal recognition. 

Based on these, the British company that operates the satellite has established, on very complex rules, the plane's trajectory, after his disappearance from radar screens, served as the basis for research. According to the arc it defined, the device might as well head to the north, Kazakhstan, in the south, to Australia. The road north is making above the ground, the aircraft would necessarily have been identified by military or civilian radars. 

It was concluded that the aircraft could have sailed to the south, along a path that leads the Indian Ocean west of Australia where the search was initiated without any result. Although everyone on board died asphyxiated, the plane can fly for hours on autopilot

The collapse of a Canary in a Coalmine

The collapse of the statehood of a canary in a coalmine

The struggle for self-determination in Donbass, unfolds against the backdrop of deepening Ukrainian crisis, accompanied by the destruction of any and all of the State that hit Kiev now completely dependent on the West.

This was said deputy of the National Council of the People's Republic of Donetsk, a member of the political council of the Social-Political Movement "New Russia" Miroslav Rudenko.

- Minsk talks were on the verge of collapse. How do you assess this fact?

- On the part that Ukraine goes punching conditions unacceptable to us: this is evident by the constant postponement of the contact group, and statements of Leonid Kuchma that he does not see the feasibility of these meetings. Due to the reluctance of both the Ukrainian side, and those who are behind it, to establish a dialogue: Kyiv is not independent, it operates with an eye to the EU and the United States, for serving their interests.

If we talk about peace initiatives with Poroshenko - there's always behind him a figurehead Biden or other supervisor so that all efforts are directed in their direction: the force pushing Ukraine to an entirely unnecessary demise for her to continuing the conflict.This, without letting him die out, Americans kindle the Ukrainian fires. Despite the fact that the country is no longer solvent or sovereign, the war drags on in all parameters: starting internal riots against the power blackouts, there is much confusion and vacillation in the penal battalions that are engaged in outright looting the public.

Therefore, if the government in Ukraine is to survive, it must sit down with the Donbas at the negotiating table and resolve these problems: any further continuation of the conflict for her - is an
unaffordable gamble.

- In many Ukrainian cities are held mass rallies. Somewhere they have social roots somewhere features are openly nationalist provocations related to the redistribution of power and property ...

- Nationalists is not one, and in the present circumstances of their various groups begin to fight among themselves. Continuing state failures, and in these conditions exacerbating the conflict between the ideological clichés: it is necessary to recall that in the 1940s the main opponents were Bandera Melnyk. And now will only intensify clashes between nationalist groups: code anywhere vacuum - a natural destruction, chaos, lawlessness and Makhnovism in the worst sense of the word.

Ukrainian nationalism - the snake that eats itself. His destructive ideology - the clearest example of anti-system configured to self-destruction since its inception in the XIX century, when the founders renounced his Russian roots. Rod underlying - Russophobia: Take it - and all the constructions will be insolvent nationalists.

The project "Ukraine" was originally opposed to the Russian people and in it the rate is always on reformatting the consciousness of the masses. Remember Talerhof and Terezin, remember how in the civil war nationalists plant on Ukrainian land the German and Austro-Hungarian army as OUN was in fact the Nazi saboteurs associated with the secret police of the Third Reich. I do not think that these people do not understand that is a puppet in the hands of their masters.

- Now we are seeing the natural ending of the project "Ukraine" ...

- Many smart people, for example, Andrew Vajra, Gleb Bobrov and Fedor Berezin, knowing where everything moves, predicting the final. I hope that after going through all these tests, sanity will prevail: Ukraine will return to the bosom of the Russian world, people will come to the realization that Kiev - the mother of Russian cities and regional features - not a cause for conflict that can not be trusted our historical enemies, which for centuries We tried to remove and take away our territory.

Hangover Ukrainian nationalism, unfortunately, heavy for all of us, but it will have to move. Policy comprador elites that led to the collapse of the USSR, when the elite to destroy the state for the sake of money-laundering a liberal Western world fails: it is now clear that none of the Slavs in the "golden billion" will not be allowed on the hallway.

The first time these elites rocked when Donbass rebelled. Then the Party of Regions thought again be able to fool everyone and win long-term cheating. But did not work: they have lost if not all, the lot. This is a lesson for all of us: we are only now otvoёvyvaem their democracy.

- Why does the US show his extreme concern desires neobanderovtsev return Ukraine's status as a nuclear power?

- They need a controlled and controlled chaos: if Kyiv has nuclear weapons, it could go beyond Washington's plans. When this raging passion, the question arises: where will go nuclear weapons in such conditions, especially in the presence of non-independent and absolutely corrupt elite.

About the prospect of turning Ukraine into a pariah state like North Korea, we can not forget that the degradation of the entire industrial complex practically deprived the country of high technology: it is absolutely incapable of such technology to serve as nuclear weapons.

- In the ranks of punitive actions of the Chechen mercenaries, in particular, the so-called "Battalion of them.Dudayev's ", whose members are criminals hiding from retribution for the atrocities committed by them against his own people. As you know, today the vast majority of Chechens actively supports the Donbass in their just struggle for freedom ...

- This once again shows that we are not an ethnic conflict and confrontation between those who defend their right to be people with traditional values, and those who are at different signs attendants is a new world order.This ideological conflict: people who love their people will not be pawns in the hands of western rulers.

Radical Islamism, professed by the aforementioned part of accomplices Bandera, in fact far from traditional Islam - is the practice of the same terror that adhere carriers of ideas of Ichkeria and Wahhabism. Therefore, to some extent it is close to Ukrainian nationalism and hostile Chechen people.

For all these are western curators: the West is well able to fight someone else's hands, to find contradictions to play them and raise part of the people against their own brothers. He finds those who are willing to comply with the requirements for compensation: how Gorbachev bought the Nobel Peace Prize, and then buy the grants, indirect financing, participation in the conflict and the promise to make the regional warlords.

- Avengers refuse to pass humanitarian aid to those who are in dire need ...

- The policy of genocide carried out by Kiev towards the people of Donbass, you begin to understand not during attacks and other terrible events, and when received orders to withdraw budgetary organizations and businesses, the social sphere. Withdraw where there is no infrastructure, jobs, housing.

If during the Great Patriotic War, the evacuation process consisted in the construction of all necessary at the new location, the junta now one task: to destroy what is, without thinking about the consequences, not the people. It is the policy of genocide at the state level: Ukraine - State terrorist and those who are engaged in the implementation of this policy - the criminals! Monstrous, that many people in this genocide retracted.

- However, the Donbass fights, and does not intend to give up ...

- If the summer was some dual power, now it departs, people are beginning to work in the new reality, understand that that other State. Built their local government, gradually paid social benefits and wages, restore destroyed.

What is happening in the Donbass - the beginning of the liberation of all peoples and nations on a global scale and the struggle for the right to be sovereign and independent.

Column Russian Emergency Situations Ministry delivered to Donetsk and Lugansk Safely

Column Ministry of Emergency Situations with humanitarian aid from Russia arrived in Donetsk and Lugansk

In Donetsk and Lugansk receipt of more than 180 trucks. The cargo includes food, building materials and medicines. Unloading of trucks has already begun. After unloading they will go back.

© RIA Novosti. Sergey Brewers | Buy illustration
MOSCOW, December 21 - RIA Novosti. 

Column Russian Emergency Situations Ministry delivered to Donetsk and Lugansk another batch of humanitarian aid, told reporters in the management of the organization to inform the population of the Russian Federation Ministry of Emergency Situations.

"In Donetsk profit of more than 90 vehicles loaded with humanitarian supplies - building materials, medicines and food," - said the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, noting that begins unloading machines.

"In Lugansk arrived safely for more than 90 trucks carrying humanitarian supplies, including food, medicines, building materials and Christmas gifts," - said the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

"No emergency situations on the road has not arisen. The drivers feel good. After unloading the machine will go back to the Rostov region," - said the source.

As reported by the Customs Service, in Donetsk was delivered about 900 tons of humanitarian aid, in Lugansk - more than 500 tons.

In total, the Donbass delivered on Sunday more than 1.4 thousand tons of humanitarian aid, said the ministry.

This is the tenth column with humanitarian aid for the Donbass. On August 11 in Donetsk and Lugansk in total were delivered about 12 thousand tons of humanitarian aid.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Future of the Entire Planet Depends on our Ability to be Human ...

The Future of the Entire Planet Depends on our Ability to be Human ...

The OSCE Mission in Alchevsk: how to stop Genocide Independent Guests from Scotland, Estonia and Russia, together with representatives visited the Kirov Brigade saw with their own Eyes the scale of Destruction and mingled with the locals. These people CAN not See the Terrible War documentaries Live in more than One Country ... The OSCE Mission - an essential Participant in Armed  Conflicts All, Which, Unfortunately, Ravage Our planet. 

But in Alchevsk OSCE representatives saw something That WAS not Seen in the Entire area Covered by the Civil War. In Terrible These days of the Military unit, Located in the City has undertaken not only to protect the population, But Also Taking care of His diet. A kind of know-how Alexei Brain - Humanities Battalion - United caring people desire to feed the elderly, who were deprived of pensions for which it was organized in Alchevsk 4 soup kitchens, and in the nearby towns A few. 

In addition to the adult population, with the Beginning of the School year Humanitarian Battalion Brigade "Ghost" Organized system of the collection and transportation of Food in School canteens and kindergartens Alchevsk. Because of this, A total of Today Alchevsk free 4.5 feed Thousands of Children. This CAN But not arouse positive responses from representatives of the Humanitarian Mission, Realizing That Death from bullets and shells - not the Worst That thing CAN wait for War-torn and Financial Blockade Imposed on the Territory of Donbas. 

Of course, while Performing, representatives CAN not voice opinions and Give Their personal Assessment, But Comparing the Situation, the Guests shared the FACT that in their city for a hundred thousand people in the streets only 2-3 people begging ... and the ability of people in such a critical situation, in which people today hit south-east - to organize themselves, without waiting for the mercy of public authorities - can not fail to touch the heart, which is on the job description it should remain impassive. .. Because the future of the entire planet, the peoples of which are linked, depends primarily on our ability to be human ...

LifeNews has prepared a special report, security forces have agreed not to shoot at each other

Summaries of the militia of New Russia
LifeNews has prepared a special report, security forces have agreed not to shoot at each other
Today at 3:20 pm

sergei airport med
Donetsk airport - hotspot truce LifeNews has prepared a special report on the hot spot, where militias and security forces have agreed not to shoot at each other.The old terminal of Donetsk airport is under control army Donetsk People's Republic.

Ukrainian security forces are locked in the new terminal. December 12 militia under the command of the commander allowed Motorola DSR Dome produce rotation fighters to take out the wounded and taken to the airport provisions. And six months ago between the militias and security forces occurred the first battle of the air harbor. LifeNews has prepared a report, which gathered the history of confrontation at the airport in Donetsk. May 26, 2014 from the Airport Sergei Prokofiev flew the last plane en route from Donetsk to Kiev. 

Early in the morning on the same day the militia battalion "Vostok" under the command of Alexander Hodakovskogo intended to occupy the building without firing a shot. Later, however, a special operation called a failure, since the airport was Kirovograd Special Forces, which had a fierce resistance to the militia. In addition, the Ukrainian army with the help of aviation soldiers supported by attacking forces DNR. 

To help the Ukrainian special forces are also transferred 3 units, consisting of natsgvardeytsev and militants "Right sector" in the amount of two thousand people. Apart from the fact that the Ukrainian security forces exchanging fire with the militia, they looted shops "duty free" at the airport, taking alcohol, food and money.
During June, the two sides carried out small operations in the vicinity of the airport. There were local battles and skirmishes. The situation changed after Igor arrived in Donetsk Fusiliers. Ukrainian fighters began to strike residential areas of Donetsk, because of artillery shelling many people suffered and died. Losses also suffered with the security forces and militias, fighting was going on during the day and at night. 

In September, management DNR decided to throw to the front line three of the most reputable department: "Somalia", "Sparta" and "tag" under the leadership of Givi, Motorola and Abkhazia . From the earliest days redeployment soldiers began to throw all the forces of Ukraine on and on. Thus, the militia recaptured the police station and airport hotel, and then surrounded the Ukrainian security services. In late September, the militia began to sweep the airport.On October DNR army came close to building a new terminal. 

Third of militia established DNR flag over the old terminal, but even after that fighting continued. For a further two months hand fought for the local advantage. By early December, the militia finally took control of the airport grounds and the building of the old terminal air harbor. The crew LifeNews first visited the old terminal building after a storm, during which the building was under the control of militia units "Sparta" under the command of Motorola.
Now several dozen Ukrainian fighters locked in the building of the new terminal. In addition, the soldiers settled in the APU Avdeyevka and sand, occasionally firing capital DNR and Gorlovka of artillery.
Ukrainian side was allowed to use the ceasefire to bring in supplies and rotate troops

In the wake of the latest ceasefire in war-torn eastern Ukraine, commanders from both sides of the conflict met and shook hands at the wrecked airport, agreeing that they do not want the “fraternal” conflict to continue, according to a report.

The Ukrainian army, accompanied by observers from the Organization of Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), delivered supplies to their forces besieged in the Donetsk airport on Friday, LifeNews reported.

Army trucks marked by white flags also delivered 51 soldiers to the airport and took out 48 troops, after the militias allowed the Ukrainian military to rotate forces.

The commanders of the conflicting sides met at the site of the airport – which has been reduced to rubble in the past months – and shook hands, saying that the war must be stopped.

“I think it's a war between brothers that nobody wants. The top brass should sort things out. And us? We are soldiers, we do what we're told,” said a Kiev army battalion commander known as 'Kupol.'

“I hope things will be OK in the future; that with this ceasefire, we can all take our proper places, without too much fighting,” answered the anti-government forces battalion commander, known as ‘Motorola'.

Kupol agreed, saying: “I think we should make peace. Let's not go looking for trouble. Let's come to terms.”

The end of the life cycle of the project "Ukraine is not Russia"

The end of the life cycle of the project "Ukraine is not Russia"
Oleg Tsarev, President of the Parliament of New Russia
Photos: from a personal page
December 19, 2014 10:00

A year has passed since then, as many Ukrainians took to the Maidan, wanting to "improve life" in his understanding - to integrate the country into Europe. You can summarize and draw conclusions, but, to put it mildly, they are disappointing.

The first conclusion: Maidan was very well prepared

"Only Donetsk for 10 months fulfilled budget revenues by 89.2%"And there was this training is not to "cookies" Victoria Nuland, as before - with Kravchuk and Kuchma, who generously handed out public property "his people" with Yushchenko, who finally ruined the economy and the army, and Yanukovych and his "looking" in all fields .

Only in the last 15 years, depreciation of fixed assets increased from 40 to 80% and above. As a result, by the beginning of 2014 was created by catastrophic preddefoltnom state. Foreign exchange reserves declined to $ 15 billion, insolvency of the country has risen to 65%, showing almost absolute record.

Media, for comparison, the following data: for Russian insurers assess the risk of bankruptcy in 17%. The total debt of Ukraine today is equal to all creditors of the Ukrainian economy astronomical sum - $ 65 billion.

Got ordinary Ukrainians in this? The Budget retains the priority of payment of regions and population, the hryvnia since the beginning of the year has lost almost half its value in relation to the dollar and 42% against the euro.

The fall of the state of the monetary unit is accompanied by an increase in food prices. Inflation has already reached 20%.

The second conclusion: Ukraine since independence subsidized Russia

This occurred primarily through under-pricing of energy.

The amount of subsidy has exceeded $ 100 billion, and after the conclusion of the famous "otsidochnogo contract Tymoshenko" for gas required to pay real money, a black hole in the Ukrainian economy under the name "Naftogaz", which already carries 4-5% of GDP per year (or 5- $ 7 billion) in the form of damages.

Maidan was very well prepared. And there was this training is not to "cookies" Victoria Nuland for $ 5 billion, and earlier (photo: MAXIM SHIPENKOV / EPA / TASS)

Of course, the state treasury became empty if not today, made its contribution and Yanukovych. However, now it is replenished direct emissions NBU, which, according to the same Tymoshenko closer to the size of the budget, exceeding this year's $ 300 billion. And this is actually financial death state.

The third conclusion: looting continues

And he went public, which led came to power after the Maidan Kolomojsky Poroshenko, Yatseniuk.

It all started with the removal of all gold reserves immediately after the coup and continues to supply the zone ATO, technical pumping oil from the pipeline "Ukrnafta" and on the appropriation of 5 billion cubic meters of gas Firtash (purchased at Gazprombank loan of 1.4 billion dollars to save the chemical industry of Ukraine ).

Also, do not stop and direct takeovers of competitors. The last major raid seizure occurred in Odessa, where he was captured by the oil refinery.

Conclusion Four: "Western partners" strenuously pretending that everything is in order

Unrestrained emissions and the actual freezing of the currency market, banks default on return of deposits, the failure of the budget - all eyes are closed. IMF, incidentally, has no right to its mandate to give money a country that is at war.

But the market can not be fooled. CDS (credit default swaps) for Ukraine, the quotations of eurobonds and domestic currency bonds going wild, showing the inevitability of default. And business publications (Economist, Welt et al.), Investors are beginning to prepare for the inevitable: that if Ukraine does not soon give another 20-25 billion dollars (plus the program IMF / EU 37 billion dollars), it declared bankruptcy.

Annual interest rate of the loan Ukrainian shot from 10% at the beginning of the year to an unprecedented 27% today. None of the analysts could not recall such an incredible percentage jump.

No less rose high in the eyes of insurers and the risk of a possible bankruptcy of Ukraine. In early 2014, this probability was estimated at 49%, which is too much, during the same poignant moments of confrontation with Russia, this figure jumped to 60%.

Conclusion Five: Ukraine has no money

Foreign exchange reserves of the NBU microscopic and consist almost entirely of useless papers (T-bills, there's even a rumor that the $ 6 billion of them in general have changed on the trash - obankrochennogo shares in 2008 "LemanBrazers"), the currency of the exporters do not sell, because they themselves are in preddefoltnom condition. Importers can not even buy the currency to buy critical imports.

In this Kolomoysky delivers cheesy vests for the price of gold chain mail and increases its statutory fund "Private", reducing its debt to the state budget.

Ukraine boasts that increased its exports for the year, nedogovarivaya that it happened almost through the export of food residues, especially grain. What will happen in the spring and what to feed people - the government does not care.

Coal for thermal power plants no longer be

In the Donbass coal fly can not for ideological reasons, as is, in the words of Yatsenyuk - "terrorist financing".Ukraine holds all power in the supply of nuclear fuel (fuel rods) Rosatom (almost 50% of generation).

Winter is coming, or "earth" by the characteristic clause Klitschko and heat supply residents of the country in question.

Attempts to command the new powers that Ukraine reduced to a desire not only to "throw" Russia and the owners of Eurobonds (half of which $ 17.5 billion US fund owns Templeton), but also of its own citizens - otherwise the operation is "robbery on the default" will not burn out.

They are also trying to cut off the rebellious Ukrainian Donbass of the financial system and close government offices and banks in the DNI and LC. And simply put, throw in the lurch more than 4 million of our citizens, saying that Donbass pays nothing. Such attempts, in their opinion, will revive and will keep the Ukrainian economy.

Kiev brings its collapse

Only Donetsk for 10 months fulfilled budget revenues by 89.2%. Now retired in the region say that pensions are not paid to Kiev in July, as the social contribution is not listed. However, since January Donetsk only listed as a single social contribution 5.519 billion hryvnia. Of these, 4,746 went to PF.

It is also worth recalling that the Donbass - it's almost a third of the industry, nearly all the coal and a quarter of exports.

The conclusion from the above suggests only one: the crisis is coming, and it will take place in various formats:
1. Paralysis fiscal and banking systems. Defaulted to depositors (in relation to the depositors of the Crimea and the Donbass he has already occurred). Months of delays in payment of salaries, pensions and allowances. Capturing business competitors (especially Firtash, Akhmetov, Yanukovych's team). Robbery remnants of government property. The final bankruptcy "Naftogaz".

But the key element of this decay process of the economy - the default state to its own people, which may not occur as a direct rejection of all social obligations, and through the launch of hyperinflation. This - total war, only facing inland.

2. Maybe - parallel or a little later - external uncontrollable default, the signal that will put the failure of the IMF program (the next tranche will be delayed until the implementation of Kiev at least some conditions). After that, you can pick up for next to nothing of Ukraine's GTS (it is necessary only when an agreement with Gazprom) and other "carrots".

3. Total War with Novorussia (or Russian) is possible as a consequence or a distraction from complete economic collapse and chaos. Like, in the current economic situation Maidan not guilty. But here believe it?


Today Ukraine needs a volume infusion of at least 100-120 billion dollars - it can even stop the sharp economic downturn. If such injections will not, GDP will shrink to 50%, and this is meant the collapse of the entire economy.

The terminal station of the way - a disaster and utter bankruptcy, which would be an unprecedented test not only for the people of Ukraine, but also for Russia, Europe and the world. And we can not stop the crisis; You can still try to "translate arrows" on the siding Antimaydana and Russian world, but such options inspirers Maidana just mentally not available.

Therefore, the collapse is inevitable.

Zakharchenko: The Internal Contradictions of Ukraine doesn't allow for them not to fight !

Zakharchenko: The Internal Contradictions of Ukraine doesn't allow for them not to fight !

Today, during the celebration of the Day of Solidarity in Donetsk, Donetsk head of the People's Republic of Alexander Zakharchenko, in a makeshift briefing, told reporters that the continuation of the Minsk talks was sabotaged by the Ukrainian side.

"They have a goal to achieve, the introduction of the ceasefire, and they have achieved it. They do not want to talk to us about the world or to rebuild relationships, "- said Zakharchenko.

According to the head of the republic, the reason for this behavior, from the enemy must be sought in their internal political contradictions on Ukraine's future.

"The internal contradictions of Ukraine does not allow her to not fight, and can only as it seems be resolved only through a war, so now they are using the truce to accumulate more forces. The Ukrainian side does not comply with the stipulated in an earlier memoranda, in fact we are at war now and ready for it, "- said Zakharchenko.

In addition, the politician said that on the eve of their closed airports, Ukraine unloaded military equipment, from NATO, which characteristically demonstrates the intention of the Kiev authorities on the situation.

"We have a lot of problems that we need to solve, but the process is - we are building a state and are trying to build a peaceful life in a constant state of war. And this is a very complicated process. Russia is helping us in everything we need for now -They're our friends and brothers, and I am pleased to realize it. I hope that in the coming New Years Day celebration, my fellow countrymen will be able to meet quietly sitting at the banquet table, without shelling around the clock. I hope that at least for this day they do not encroach, "- said the head of the republic.

Posters Comment: I feel for Zakharchenko and the rest of the Donbas people who are suffering because in the Ukraine Govt. was started systematically a hijacking of Western Greed. He like Putin have learned that it is the USA and their Lacky EU partners who can't act on their own behalf,have no good intentions in store for the people of Ukraine. Nobody in Kiev has authority anymore. This has been evident for some time now. If the truth were not being suppressed by the Western media, it could be possible for this policy to change. The sad truth is Western Media is nothing more than a covert operation run by the greedy corporations who profit from wars and the consequential theft of resources. I pity the youth of the future, who will one day forced to turn on these evil forces that be at all cost. 

George Soros is wanted as head in puppet regime Ukrainian Central Bank (NBU).

December 2014, Kiev, Ukraine a Failed State
George Soros is wanted as head in puppet regime Ukrainian Central Bank (NBU). 

Numbers of foreigners in puppet regime of Ukraine increases: Now George Soros is wanted as head of Ukrainian Central Bank (NBU).

Quoted from Ukrainian media:
"As head of the National Bank of Ukraine considered 5 candidates, such as billionaire George Soros. This was reported by a number of sources in the Parliament and close to the President Peter Poroshenko. According to the source, Soros may head the NBU said, ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Also among the contenders there are 

more "representatives of the US Federal Reserve."

For sure such persons as George Soros and Dominique Strauss-Kahn couldn't be heads of Ukrainian National Bank. Just because Ukraine is too poor a country for them. But using this rumors Kiev junta accustoms Ukrainians to the idea that they will be ruled by foreigners.

Even in Libya after NATO occupation Libyans only are members of puppets regime. In fact, it meant nothing for ordinary Libyans, members of Libyan regimes rob country and run away. From October 2011, every 5-6 month Libya had new puppet government. Now Libya has 2 governments and the situation there is same as in Iraq and Somalia. It is another victory of NATO democracy for sure. Mass rapes, tortures, executions are daily routine in the newly democratic Libya, it is this reason why this country has literally disappearrd from the media. Now EU/USA/Israel want the same for Ukraine. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Turkey to eject tankers with fuel for Ukraine passing through Turkish Straits

Turkey to eject tankers with fuel for Ukraine passing through Turkish Straits 

Ukraine's intention to ensure the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States to reduce its energy dependence on Russia, "stuck in the Bosporus." The American edition of Bloomberg notes that LNG can be delivered from the United States (in the future) to the terminal, which Ukraine wants to build in the Black Sea, only through the Turkish Straits. However, Turkey will not allow LNG tankers to enter the Bosphorus, for safety reasons, but also because of the pressure of the strait.
It seems that Erdogan is trying to impose its rule in the region, and competitors are not necessary. They do not need and Russia, which as a result of this new partnership together with the Turkish side takes full control of transit. Some fans criticize the policy of Vladimir Putin enthusiastically chanting - "and now the United States at any time block the transit flow, as Turkey - a NATO country! " Anything can happen. But only here now Turkey - the buyer and transit, and to block valves, ultimately, will have her.
Europe will also be forced myself to go for gas, as in the good old days "scoop" was opened in the prosperous villages - I still remember the long queues "Gus", which consisted of people with red balloons. Block the transit? Imagine a situation where you need the goods, is vital to a specific product, but some transatlantic mug forbids you to buy this product.
Turkey - the buyer. Europe - the buyer. Freeze and jump in the cold - it is their right. Only here who wants to realize this right? In the meantime, fuel tankers for "nezalezhnoy" ... create traffic jams, no worse than those we have seen in the hours of "peak" in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Good luck, "the president" Poroshenko and his owner - a chocolate dude and a fan of American gum from Washington. Meanwhile, it seems, Ankara and Moscow to tell each other jokes ... about the new emancipated blacks and arbitrariness in relation to the black population of the United States of America.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Why the West should let Russia have eastern Ukraine

Why the West should let Russia have eastern Ukraine

Ukraine ought to be split in two, anyway

By Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry  

August 29, 2014

Ukraine is two nations in one state. (AP Photo/Antoine E.R. Delaunay)

Putin's Russia seems to have finally launched its bona fide invasion of Ukraine. And many righteously indignant American lawmakers will surely be eager to try to stop Russia (not at any cost), or at least punish it for doing something reprehensible. Ukraine is a sovereign country, and invading sovereign countries is bad (you know, unless you are the United States).

But this thinking misses a crucial dimension of the problem.

America has a blind spot when it comes to nationhood. America's implicit theory of humans seems to be that as long as they get "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" out of their government (and low taxes and the ability to vote the bums out), they're happy. But people want another thing out of their government: nationhood.

What this means is tricky, because each nation defines what it is for itself, often implicitly. For some nations, nationhood is tied closely to ethnicity. For some, it is tied to land. For some, it's language or culture or history. For most countries, it is a mysterious mix of all of these. America is almost unique in believing, at least officially, that its nationhood is fundamentally defined by agreement to a set of legal rules.

But nations have psyches, wants, desires, fears, destinies even — and integrity. This is why Charles de Gaulle never referred to the Soviet Union and only to Russia. To him, the Politburo was not really driven by Communist ideology but rather by simple national interest. Stalin did only what Peter the Great would have done in the same circumstances.

America's blind spot on the importance of nationhood is largely responsible for the maddeningly obvious events of the Iraq War. The problem that lay at the heart of the conception of the Iraq War was failing to understand that Iraq is not, and never has been, a nation. In the mind of the architects of the war, if they could figure out a way to get Iraq's government to work or merely to be an improvement over Saddam Hussein's regime, Iraqis would be happy — they would get life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, after all — and the venture would be a success. But Iraq was never a nation but an agglomeration of nations and peoples — Sunnis, Shias, and Kurds. The only way to hold it together was — as Saddam Hussein, no theoretician, understood quite well — the way it was actually held together: through violence and terror. Now most people understand that if "Iraq" can be held together, it will be as a legal fiction: as a very loose confederation of autonomous Kurdish, Sunni, and Shia enclaves. If only it hadn't taken a decade and unfathomable blood and treasure for American policymakers to understand one of the basic rules of the grammar of history.

All of which brings us to Ukraine. Is Ukraine a nation? Well, there is such a thing as a Ukrainian nation. The problem, as has so often been the case in Eastern Europe, is that although there is a Ukrainian nation, the borders of the state of Ukraine do not match it.

This is a gross oversimplification, but the basics go like this: Ukrainians in the western half of the country are largely Ukrainophone (rather than Russophone), pro-European, and pro-Western; Ukrainians in the eastern half of the country are largely Russophone and pro-Russian. The Crimea that Putin invaded has historically been part of Russia since the 18th century and was given to Ukraine from Russia by Kruschchev in an entirely symbolic gesture, since Ukraine was controlled by the Soviet Union. That Viktor Yanukovych was elected president in 2010 shows that the Russophile drive has real popular support in Ukraine and is not (just) a machination orchestrated from Moscow.

We have been having a "Ukraine crisis" for a decade now, since the Orange Revolution of 2004. Every winter, the battle flares up, with conflicts over gas as pretexts of this broader national struggle, with two nations yoked under one state, each with a natural leaning toward one of the two main blocs of the European continent.

The incompetence of the United States and the EU, for that decade, has been breathtaking. If the EU and NATO had enough vision and competence, they might have been able to build up institutions in Ukraine so it could stand up to Russia, or at least be decisively moored to the Western bloc. But that ship has sailed.

And, like Iraq, the crisis will continue for another decade or more until the root cause is addressed: Ukraine is two nations in one. Both sides of the story really are true. There are many Ukrainians who would be more at home in Russia, just like there are many Ukrainians who want their country to become a part of the Euro-American West.

The answer, then, seems clear: The West should come to an agreement with Russia whereby Ukraine will be split in two, with the Russian-speaking areas annexed to Russia (as they should always have been). So that this is not viewed as a concession out of fear to Russia, what remains of Ukraine should join NATO and receive official EU candidate status (it is astonishing that Turkey was granted this before Ukraine), with Ukraine membership moved to one of the top concerns of EU leadership (with Washington frequently reminding the Eurocrats, lest they forget, which they will). Ukraine's internal politics are deeply troubled, and in the other countries of Eastern Europe, EU candidacy has proven astonishingly successful at rooting out corruption and promoting rule of law, democracy, and economic growth. (We should just pray that Ukraine never adopts the euro, but that's another topic altogether.)

Before this is viewed as a straight capitulation to Russia, it should be noted that many in the Kremlin would hate such a deal. Joining even a rump Ukraine to NATO would mean the end of Russia's ambitions beyond its ethnic ken, at least for the foreseeable future. And Russian policymakers value very heavily the idea of having a buffer between Russia and NATO, which is probably one reason Russia still hasn't annexed Belarus. When Finland made a few noises about joining NATO as a response to Russian adventurism, this was viewed with disproportionate alarm in the Kremlin.

The best deals are often the ones where both parties get more than they expect in exchange for giving up more than they're willing to. This solution would be a very hard sell — in Washington, in Brussels, in Kiev, and in Moscow.

But it's still the only solution that would solve the crisis for good.

US House of Representative's announcement of the New Cold War...

"The announcement of the Cold War" - US House of Representatives adopted the "anti-Russian" resolution

12.04.2014, 20:39

US lawmakers have adopted so-called "anti-Russian" Resolution 758. Most of the items of the resolution involves an appeal to the US President with a demand to take a number of measures in relation to Russia in connection with the situation in Ukraine. Among other things, the document provides for the introduction by the US and its allies to new sanctions against Russian officials and freezing their foreign accounts. Another point of the resolution is to create the American broadcast media to the country with the Russian-speaking population.
           Photo: © AFP

US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution, the main points of which are directed against Russia. 411 against 10 - with a score of American parliamentarians condemned "the ongoing political, economic and military aggression" by Russia against Ukraine.

                                                                      "The EU, Europe and our other allies need to aggressive pressure on Mr Putin to make it behave differently", - said the document, Senator Adam Kinzinger.

Resolution 758 includes more than a dozen items, including support for the Ukrainian authorities to the defense and intelligence means the termination of cooperation with Russia on the part of NATO and its allies, as well as the implementation of pressure on the various states in order to accede to the "anti-Russian coalition of sanctions."

Another point of the resolution is "the creation and dissemination of news and information in Russian in countries with Russian-speaking population."
The new "cold war"

US House of Representatives adopted a resolution №758 Russia tantamount to a declaration of "cold war." So says a member of the House of Representatives in the US Congress Dennis Kucinich. He calls to get out of the dialectic of conflict. His treatment leads

How emphasizes Kucinich, calls to isolate Russia can be interpreted as calling for the preparation of the war with Russia. According to Kucinich, just saber rattling has led to the beginning and growth of the "cold war." It's time to demand, he said that the United States for an international order resorted to diplomacy, rather than an increase in military spending.

"It is time the United States to abandon the dialectic of conflict and to look for ways to restructure diplomatic relations with Russia, to retreat from risky ventures under the cover of NATO," - says the senator.
Washington impressed by the Russian media

In August of this year at a meeting of the Governing Council on Broadcasting (Broadcasting Board of Governors, BBG) United States, where questions of advocacy to ensure Washington's policy in relation to the Ukrainian events, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Stengel expressed surprise at the efficiency of the Russian TV channels and publications.

By the meeting was connected via teleconference chief foreign policy adviser to President Barack Obama, Ben Rhodes. US Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy Richard Stengel asked him to comment on the public controversy over Ukraine between Moscow and Washington.

In this case, Stengel admitted that surprised on how well the Russian side to defend their positions, in particular in social networks. "I believe that in this area we have to be out of competition, but in fact it is not so" - confessed American diplomat, who himself was recently journalists and media executives.

In response, Rhodes described the situation in Ukraine "ideal test" for propaganda apparatus US State Department and praised for "aggressive use of its communication tools for broadcasting in Ukraine and the region as a whole."

He agreed with the person that the US has to operate in conditions of "increased competition" and that Moscow "has invested enormous resources in their broadcasts, primarily through the channel Russia Today». Stengel said earlier in this context of "billions of dollars".

In his opening remarks, Rhodes assured the BBG, that President Obama personally pays great attention to the reorganization of the apparatus of international broadcasting United States and recently held a separate meeting on this issue. At the same time, according to presidential advisor in the White House based on the fact that this unit is necessary to maintain direct state participation, as well as to avoid duplication of decentralization and supervisory and management functions.

However, later Deputy Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, Richard Stengel, speaking at a Washington research organization "Project on American security," said Washington rejected the idea of ​​creating a channel for broadcasting in Russia.

"We really need to communicate its position in Russian to the population of Russia and Ukraine, - he said. - But we do not create a service broadcasting in Russian. " "In fact, I was there said that, although Russia has successfully implemented such a project, it is an older model" - said US Undersecretary of State.


Vladimir Putin gave an Assessment of the Events that Shook Ukraine

Vladimir Putin gave an assessment of the events that shook Ukraine

In his address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an assessment of the events that shook Ukraine in 2014.

"We have condemned the coup and seize power by force in February this year. And what we see now in the Ukraine, the tragedy in the Southeast fully confirms the correctness of our position, "- said the head of state.

He recalled that "it all started with the technical solutions of President Yanukovych to move the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. In this case, it was not even on the refusal of the document, but only to postpone for finalization. "

"How in this connection can support the armed seizure of power, violence, and murder? Some of the bloody events in Odessa are worth when people burned alive. How can I keep trying to using the armed forces to suppress the people in the south-east, disagree with this outrage. Moreover, under the hypocritical talk about the protection of international law and human rights. It's just pure cynicism "- the president said.

Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that the people of Ukraine will give more to these events a fair assessment.

"American" friends "always interfere in Russia's relations with its neighbors. Sometimes not even know who better to talk: directly with representatives of some states or directly with their patrons and sponsors "- ironically remarked Vladimir Putin.

He stressed, in the case of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU in general, there was no dialogue. Russia has been said that this is not her thing, if we talk in a simple way, in a national way. All statements that Russia and Ukraine - members of the CIS free trade zone that the two countries is deep, historically rooted cooperation in industry and agriculture, in fact, a single infrastructure not only no one wanted to be considered, but even listen.

"Then we said that we will defend our legitimate interests unilaterally, and will not pay for wrong, in our view, the policy. As a result, the contract was signed, but the implementation of its trade part postponed until the end of next year - said Putin. - The question is, for what made the coup, for which kill people, destroy the economy, financial, social sphere? Ravaged the country. "

"We are told that this is a well-balanced policy, which we must blindly obey. This will not happen, "- said the President.

Recall, Russian President Vladimir Putin today address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation with the annual address.

Performance took place in the St. George Hall of the Kremlin in the presence of about 1,100 delegates. Among them are members of the Federation Council, State Duma deputies, members of the Government, the leaders of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts, regional governors, Chairman of Legislative Assembly of the Federation, the heads of traditional religions, public figures, including the head of the Public Chamber of Regions and the heads of major media.

New Rada deputies stage the first brawl

New Rada deputies stage the first brawl

Click image for Video

Today, Parliament adopted a resolution on the composition of parliamentary committees. After the vote, the deputy Parasyuk approached the deputies from the "Bloc Poroshenko," began loudly express their dissatisfaction. One of the deputies pushed Parasiuk then scuffle ensued.

Recall the last such excesses occurred on 14 August. Then slap in the face was one of the most famous members of parliament Oleh Lyashko.

(Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, DWN) Called Ukraine a Failed State

Sale of a failed state started

Despite the formal alliance of countries with the United States, in Germany, a high proportion of the public and the media, who are ardent opponents of such cooperation, which gives them a reason to call what is happening in Ukraine by their real names.

Without beating around the bush and false reverence to the Ukrainian "Europeans", an influential German newspaper "German economic news» (Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, DWN) called Ukraine a failed state, which is openly condemned to sale. According to journalists, to foreigners "privatize" Ukraine as soon as possible, in the Cabinet introduced a former employee of the State Department - US investment banker Natalia Yaresko. A "new-old" government Yatsenyuk edition caustically she called the Cabinet, formed for sales, wrote RP.

Having studied the biography of the new Minister of Finance - ex (ex right?) Employee of the US State Department Natalia Yaresko suspiciously quickly obtain Ukrainian citizenship - DWN journalists came to the conclusion that it would be "responsible for the sale" of Ukraine.

Formally, of course, the process of taxis Yatsenyuk, which Victoria Nuland said, "this is our man," but it Yaresko whose investment fund - one of the sponsors of the Fund Yatseniuk "Open Ukraine" will become the de facto curator of total privatization of everything.

Before visiting an investment banker private investment company Horizon Capital and CEO of the US-funded Fund Private Equity Fund WNISEF, responsible for investments in Ukraine and Moldova, Yaresko worked at the US State Department. In particular - he was the head of economic department of the US embassy in Ukraine. She participated in the activities of the "orange power" - was a member of the Advisory Council for Foreign Investments under Yushchenko during the premiership of Tymoshenko.

Yaresko investment fund, sponsored by the Yatsenyuk, in turn, receives funding from the banking lobby Chatham House, NATO, German Marshall Fund and the US State Department. In general, the best curator for sale in Ukraine is not found. 

"Previously, such actions were distributed only in football. But the era of robberies brings what is likely, such policies will play the role of the future well-endowed legionaries "- quips German journalists, commenting on the appointment of foreigners in the Ukrainian government. And then explain why chosen such words Poroshenko, "unorthodox solution."

"The debt crisis de facto failed state can only be solved by numerous sales to foreign investors. This is a classic model of expropriation, which is used if the corrupt and incompetent government sent his country to the precipice "- sums up the Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten.

Concerned about whether those who have gathered to sell Ukraine, the fate of ordinary citizens? The question is, can, and rhetorical. But the answer to the surface: the fate evroukraintsev nobody should worry. After all, they have chosen their way to the scaffold. Betrayed and sold only friend for the sake of their own narrow-mindedness, greed and arrogance - izopyut his cup to the dregs.

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Crimes Against Humanity: the Nuclear Terrorists "USA"

Crimes Against Humanity: the Nuclear Terrorists "USA"

Alex Zot'ev

More recently, I wrote about how the Ukrainian military, as if by accident, fire high-powered weapons nuclear waste repository, located near the Donetsk. Talked about and what terrible consequences will inevitably lead to the systematic bombing of already being in a deplorable state of the object. Article received considerable attention, but there was a certain amount of readers who said that Kiev would not go to such an extreme step. I certainly believe the opposite. Kiev and its strategic partner - the United States, will go to great lengths in order to clean up the rebellious Donbass and create an exclusion zone on the border with Russia.To skeptics have fallen in the last doubts "viability" of Kiev, will tell you about nuclear terrorism conducted by the United States, which led to disastrous consequences including a large and densely populated poisoning territories and mass death of civilians. It will focus on the use of munitions containing depleted uranium in itself.

During the Cold War and its attendant arms race, the Pentagon has received intelligence information that the Soviet military tank armor developed, which are not able to break through standing in the armies of NATO ammunition. Ammunition required for upgrading metals greater than the density of lead. Group weapons designers came up with the idea to use for fabrication of depleted uranium - 238. This decision was immediately recognized tactically correct, since launching the production of such weapons the US government in one fell swoop solve two problems at once - went back in time invulnerability Soviet tanks and sharply reduced the number located on the territory of the country of radioactive waste, which at the time of release of the first installment of "enhanced" ammunition the United States has accumulated more than 500 000 tonnes. Following the tradition of strategic rivalry, after the US, projectiles with high kinetic energy, containing depleted uranium, have been producing Britain, France and the Soviet Union. But to apply this ammunition in local conflicts decided only the United States ...

 For the first time the US military used a "dirty" ammunition in 1991, the conflict in the Persian Gulf. The combined forces of member countries of NATO, who defended the independence of Kuwait, actively tried to wipe out the Iraqi province of Basra, while US forces mass of munitions with uranium core. Actively used data and ammunition in the war with Iraq, launched in 2003. All of these companies during the US military was released on Iraqi targets 14,000 tank shells and 940,000 30-millimeter ammunition with a core of depleted uranium. 

The United States got rid of 320 tons of dangerous radioactive waste. Needs to use ammunition with high kinetic energy against a poorly armed Iraqi army was not ...

The next country whose land and people poisoned with radioactive waste "spread democracy" Americans became Yugoslavia.March 24, 1999, after Serbia failed to comply with the requirements of NATO to withdraw troops from the Serbian Autonomous Region of Kosovo and Metohija, the allied forces military unit was hit on the Serbian town. Serbia actively bombed for 78 days, which cost the lives of more than 2,000 people, 400 of them - children, more than 10,000 Serbs were seriously injured. The use of depleted uranium munitions during the shelling proved 113 locations! They were mostly civilian objects and peaceful settlements.

In 2001, given the massive complaints Serbs and peacekeepers involved in the operation "Merciful Angel", the UN commission to visit the area where the fighting took place with the use of radioactive ammunition, and conducted surveys at 11 sites. Outcome made experts think - 8 out of 11 surveyed sites were seriously infected. Along the way, we found out that most of the water in Kosovo is not suitable for human consumption, due to heavy contamination with radioactive isotopes! The scandal emerged in countries whose soldiers participated in the "peacekeeping" mission. Suddenly died 18 before completely healthy peacekeepers in eight of the dead was diagnosed with leukemia ...

Despite the numerous documented facts of deaths from cancer among those who were in the area of ​​the use of enhanced 238 munitions as among the civilian population and the military, the world community is in no hurry to recognize the harmful effects on the environment and people of this "harmless" on their view isotope half-life of 4.5 million years. Serbia, who tried to file a lawsuit in the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the country, a bomb Balkan country in 1999, stumbled upon an unexpected opposition Carla del Ponte, who heads the tribunal in those years and will do everything in order to claim the Serbs were not heard. Requests from other civilized countries to impose a moratorium on the use of military uranium-238, stumbled upon an insurmountable opposition from France and the UK, the permanent members of the UN Security Council.

What is dangerous projectiles equipped with a core of depleted uranium? With the explosion of data ammunition into the atmosphere gets depleted uranium in the form of "ceramic spray" which is sprayed over tens of kilometers. Getting in the human body, uranium particles accumulate in the liver and kidneys, which in turn contributes to cancers and causes damage to internal organs. But the worst thing is that the infection 238 causes subsequent generations change at the genetic level! That is the problem faced as residents of Basra and Serbia and NATO operations brave participants who returned home after the victorious wars, and unexpectedly, from young and healthy men turned into permanent emaciated chemotherapy patients oncology clinics. In 70 percent of the peacekeepers have been in the area of ​​active use of uranium munitions, children were born with abnormalities, anomalies and congenital deformities. As, however, and the inhabitants of Basra, which still suffer from radioactive contamination of their land. Mass of thyroid cancer and leukoma for residents of Serbia and Iraq is commonplace. Currently, the Serbian daily cancer diagnosed in one child! Survey areas exposed to shelling ammunitions containing depleted uranium, have shown that the isotope poisoned the water and caused leukemia in goats and cattle. Traces of uranium are found in the same wild animals. There is information that the shells with depleted uranium used, and are currently in use in Afghanistan.

What happened in Iraq and Serbia once again shows us that America can not be evaluated beyond the normal civilized state. Tens of thousands of hectares of land poisoned with radioactive isotopes infested river, sick animals, people who die in great agony, children fall ill in the womb - for all this to answer a single state whose government arbitrarily to assume the functions of the global arbiter of who is to live and who will die. And fulfilling these declaratively mandated functions, the US does not shrink or what methods - the hands of US politicians and the military on his elbows in blood. As, in principle, and their weak-willed allies who have already and are happy to stop but can not.

Today, the US is in another dirty war, this time in the territory of the Slavic state, Ukraine. US military advisers pushed commanders APU to all new and new crimes, pushing their heads against the inhabitants of the same country, provoking further development of civil fratricidal war. And when I say that the Ukrainian military did not go to the deliberate destruction of radioactive waste disposal sites and poisoning the groundwater and reservoir, from which the abstraction of drinking water in Donetsk, cesium isotopes, I say - remember Basra and Serbia, there were also civilians, and they also did not believe that their land, water and air poisoned "civilized and highly developed" Americans. But those who do not act on these weighty arguments, I gently remind the use of phosphorus bombs in the bombardment of civilian towns of Donbass. Traits that separate good people from bad people, the Ukrainian government and its Western allies have already crossed into the bad side. What will happen next is too terrible even to predict ...

Alex Zot'ev

Monday, December 1, 2014

People's Republic of Odessa | I'm staying here!

People's Republic of Odessa

Today at 7:00 am

I'm staying here!
We are from Odessa, we from Kharkov, Nikolayev !!!!! terrible happened. This is not a revolution, not a revolt of the oligarchs and even rebellion against the vile, corrupt power. It's much worse. Very few people realize how horrible, tragic scenario is developing before our eyes. 

We lived in the same city, families were friends, went to visit each other, sometimes over a glass of vodka were arguing about the country's direction, discussing identity of individual politicians, if they quarreled briefly it is usually during the regular election campaigns. The first thunder in 2004. At that time, were indeed cases where due to the difference of views on the events taking place in the camp broke up it is quite strong and happy family. 

Now a booming thunder that cracked the earth itself and divided souls. In our country, there are no more Russian or Ukrainian who could live together. Crack forever divide people into those who are "Rus" and those who "nerus." Now and forever we will fiercely hate each other. We will never forgive these people what they really are going to sell our land, along with the graves of our ancestors, together with our Holy faith of our sworn mental and geopolitical enemies.
They are waiting to see what would finally all We all left with our Russian land, threw it as unnecessary mother sold the lady took an armful of old people and children, have disappeared and vanished in time. For us to prepare a simplified regime for Russian emigration and at the same time think that we should be grateful to my mother Russia for such a generous gesture.
For me, the departure - a betrayal. The enemy will get my native Russian land, I can not understand how you can leave it without a fight, as you can change the Motherland on what that political or other global interests. I do not understand and will never understand.

We are experiencing a great tragedy, like the one in which many centuries ago, Serbia will become a satanic Albanians or Croats, and to this day odnokrovniki furiously cut each other. We have no choice, or we will destroy them, or they destroy us. The world is over for me, and it looks good. I'm staying here.

DNR beginning to pay pensions. Authorities Donetsk People's Republic, as promised.

Summaries of the militia of New Russia 

 DNR beginning to pay pensions. Authorities Donetsk People's Republic, as promised


Correspondents "KP" is transmitted from Donetsk: DNR beginning to pay pensions. Authorities Donetsk People's Republic, as promised, on December 1, they began to give social benefits the elderly. Money DNR most pensioners have not seen since August, Kiev simply ceased to transfer blood elderly region . 

Local politicians asserted: "once separated, let you DNR pays". Cynical "forgetting" to add that for several months the company Donetsk region do not re-register with the tax office DNR, and therefore properly pay taxes (and considerable) in Kiev. And some of them in the form of pensions, had to go back. However, here a few months did not receive anything. It turns out that the money Donetsk elderly were just shamelessly stolen Ukraine.
Pensioners got out for some time: once a month went to the territory controlled by the Ukraine, and received money there. Ukrainian media then dubbed Donetsk elderly "pensiynymi terrorists." Like, by a little, and then they still ... As a result, Poroshenko and Co., prefer to spend money on the elderly and on shells, again did not like it, and tightened the rules: Now, to get a well-deserved, one must move across the border, obtain the status of "immigrant" and dwell there. Where they live at the same time in non-native settlements in fact, no one said. And on Monday pensions from DNR began receiving grandparents Donetsk.
To make this possible, had to work hard: Kyiv disabled region from its server database, so the list of those who rely money had to be over. - Ten people Launches! - Protection shout. - Well, finally waited - happy elderly people pulling in the hands of a passport. - Not, of course - sigh, on the spot, Leonid, Honored Miner. - A thousand hryvnia (about 3300 rubles - Ed.) Just gave, earlier I was 3777. But also happy. From August to November saw nothing.
Well, stocks were. How to spend? Yes wife give a woman always knows best how to manage money. - Yes, anything - puts the purse in his thousand grandmother Antonina. - Granddaughter New Year much waiting, wants to be in a new dress, that's it, and buy now. Maybe for a gift will be more ... - And I even very good - says Galina Vavrenyuk. - I have always got something like this. Nothing, coping, that great humanitarian aid rescued, my son lives in Russia, he helped constantly. Who will pay utility services.But what? Home heat, water is, in fact, people work on it, they should also get their money ... - ... run more pensioners! - Speak protection. But it turns out that evening to five elderly people in the queue in the street no longer exists. - Is it all got? - Ask operatsionistok. - Of course not. Many simply do not believe that the payment actually will begin December 1 ...

DNR beginning to pay pensions from 1 December.

Despite the queue, many did not believe that the payments will begin on December 1 ...

Lists of those who had to make money to rely again.

Kiev refused to pay money to pensioners from the end of August.

In DNR began to pay pensions. - Finally, after a long wait! - Happy people.